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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Reclaim Angkor Wat back from a Vietnamese is the highest priority for Khmer people

Moi?, a Royal Cambodian Government's development partner or a strategic mole of Hanoi? Sok Kong, a Vietnamese national and owner of Sokimex company which commands a portfolio of business interests in Cambodia, most notably in the tourism sector including a stake in the Angkor Archeological Park, currently a multimillion dollars industry, hotel chains and the Bokor Resort. Other strategic economic interests of national importance such as telecommunication and the national airline are managed and owned by commercial affiliates of the Vietnamese government. All major Vietnamese business ventures are thought to be under ultimate control and direction of the Vietnamese government, including Mr Sok Kong's  and those of many of his compatriots who are enjoying business privileges throughout the Kingdom, particularly in timber, mining and rubber interests School of Vice [image: google]

Bokor Mountain, once famed for its offering of pristine forest scenery and spectacular view is undergoing a process of rapid urbanisation that requires large swathes of hitherto forested mountainside lands to be cleared for new commercial development projects that pander to the demands for luxury and amusement needs of the wealthiest clientele drawn from anywhere - School of Vice [image credit: google]

Comment by Bun Thoeun

A big chunk of Cambodia's economy is presently controlled by Vietnam.

Vietnam needs to keep Khmer people very poor so that they are preoccupied with their "stomach's problems" only.

While most of the Khmer people are fighting for survival - finding foods to eat - Vietnam keeps executing smoothly its strategic plan by pushing its citizens into Cambodia – making the Vietnamese the majority in Cambodia in the foreseeable future.

One way to fight this neo-colonialist Vietnam and its puppet Hun Sen is to claim Angkor Wat back from a Vietnamese first. This is the most obvious element of Vietnam’s dominance in Cambodia.

- Angkor Wat should provide a massive motivation for Khmer people to stand up against this evil Vietnam and Hun Sen.

- The vast majority of Khmer people will unwaveringly support our claim of Angkor.

- Angkor Wat belongs to Cambodia and Khmer people.

- Who has the right to give away or lease Angkor Wat to a Vietnamese? It is unimaginable to see a traitorous person – Hun Sen – putting the Khmer Soul Angkor Wat under a Vietnamese’s control.

- I know everybody wants to live, but shouldn’t we live with dignity? Our passivity [pacific nature] must have its limit.

- We should not allow this puppet government to go on compounding its mistakes, which have destroyed most of Khmer natural resources and Cambodia’s territorial integrity.

- By staying quiet when a Khmer traitor – Hun Sen - has allowed a Vietnamese to control Angkor Wat, just imagine how the Vietnamese people must be feeling towards Khmer people? Are we smart or stupid?

When we do something, we got to draw specific steps that we should take successively to reach our goal; not trying one step and then quit.

Claiming Angkor Wat back is the most righteous cause, we must keep pounding on it until we get it back.

Whoever resists our claim of Angkor Wat will spontaneously and automatically become Khmer traitor. No doubt about it.

Rescuing Cambodia by accomplishing this task of saving Angkor Wat first, and the momentum of liberating Cambodia from evil Vietnam will build solidly from there…

-Bun Thoeun

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