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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Cambodian Air force to get 12 Chinese helicopters in 2013

Z-9 helicopter

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) - Cambodia will soon take delivery of 12 helicopters from China as part of a defense upgrade, sources said.

The sources said Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Commander in Chief Pol Saroeun made the announcement at a meeting on Tuesday.

Air Force Commander General Sing Samnang said the Z-9 helicopters would be delivered between April and August.

Six of the helicopters will be used for transport, four will be deployed as attack helicopters and the other two used for VIP purposes, the general said. [That's for Hun Sen's own protection].

The air force currently uses Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters made in Russia, he added.


Anonymous said...

V.I.P for Hun shit protection from whom? Why don't protect border with Yuon? Does Hun sen is vip than border integrity?


Anonymous said...

I can see an arm race soon in Southeast Asia

Anonymous said...

Good to have.

Anonymous said...

Attack helicopter in a modern battlefield is ineffective with so many modern MANPAD missles, the Viets or Siam had. You can't use attack helicopter unless you control vast battlefield areas. Now use it as transport then effective, like bring our commandos, special forces in quickly to occupy or protect important strategic areas. RCAF needs medium range SAM systems more than aircrafts right now, it's cheaper. Also long range modern artillery systems, much more cheaper. More modern anti-tanks missles, much cheaper. Just two of these Z-9 helicopters can buy many of these vital systems RCAF needs. RCAF needs more modern MBT tanks than older T-54, T-55 tanks, just an RPG can destroy these T-54, T-55 tanks. Our country is poor so I wish our government would spend defense budget more wisely. These attack helicopters are useful ONLY to attack less superior forces such as Hun Sen's enemies within Cambodia or civilian uprising.

Anonymous said...

i'm proud of my country ...

however, khmer dedenses, got very poor/weak on defenses..

compares to viet & thailand
khmer no matched..

khmer governments, need to improve on this badly,,

Anonymous said...

Cambodia needs 4-SU25, Need SAM, need air force, need warship, because we do not have enough armforce, so we need more high tech equipment.