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Monday, 24 October 2011

Sam Rainsy's accusation against Bun Rany Hun Sen


My name is SAM RAINSY, a Member of Parliament of Cambodia. I publicly accuse Mrs. BUN RANY HUN SEN, the wife of Mr. HUN SEN, Prime Minister of Cambodia, of masterminding the assassination in 1999 of Ms. PISETH PILIKA, a renowned Cambodian artist. The assassination was perpetrated in Phnom Penh with the complicity of Mr. HUN SEN and the Police under his orders.

I invite Mr. and Mrs. HUN SEN to be courageous enough to dare file a defamation lawsuit against me before the French Court since it is from the French soil that I accuse them of murder.

Mr. HOR NAMHONG, Cambodia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, has already filed such a lawsuit against me before the French Court.

If Mr. and Mrs. HUN SEN do not dare to start a lawsuit against me, they would show up their cowardice and would implicitly recognize that they are effectively murderers.

This statement was published in Paris on October 23, 2011.

Sam Rainsy

Je soussigné SAM RAINSY, Député du Cambodge, accuse publiquement Mme BUN RANY HUN SEN, épouse de Mr HUN SEN, Premier Ministre du Cambodge, d’avoir fait assassiner en 1999 Mme PISETH PILIKA, une artiste cambodgienne renommée. Cet assassinat a été perpétré à Phnom Penh avec la complicité de Mr HUN SEN et de son entourage policier.

J’invite Monsieur et Madame HUN SEN à faire preuve de suffisamment de courage pour oser porter plainte contre moi devant la justice française car c’est sur le sol français que je les accuse publiquement d’assassinat.

Mr HOR NAMHONG, Ministre des Affaires Etrangères du Cambodge, a déjà porté plainte contre moi devant la justice française.

Si Monsieur et Madame HUN SEN n’osent pas porter plainte contre moi, ils se comportent comme des lâches et reconnaissent implicitement qu’ils sont effectivement des assassins.

Fait à Paris, le 23 octobre 2011

Sam Rainsy


Anonymous said...

An unnecessary and childish provocation that do harm more than good.

Anonymous said...

The harm has already been done, the moment Bun Rany ordered the assassinations.

Anonymous said...

I think it sounds a bit childish and desperate to provoke a lawsuit from someone. I think what Rainsy needs to do is to be a co-defendant with one of Pilika's relatives. He is not related to Pilika, so he can't sue Bun Rany and to provoke a lawsuit from her sounds childish and desperate. Rainsy can also be a co-defendant with other victims of the 1997 coup, like asking Ho Sok's wife, Krouch Yoeum's wife and relatives of other victims of the 1997 to launch a criminal lawsuit at the International Criminal Court against Hun Sen in The Hague.