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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Pheng Kunthea Borey’s group was arrested for their involvement in paperworks for a $500 million investment project

Could the following video show some of the activities of the plan described in the Rasmei Kampuchea article? You will see in the video: Ponlork Ho and Pheng Kunthea Borey:

The video seem to be a legitimate business deal between Chea Sim's advisors and the Malaysian investors. Could it be that Hun Sen and his group are jealous of Chea Sim's success in attracting foreign investors that he ordered the arrests of Chea Sim's advisors?


01 Oct 2011
Rasmei Kampuchea newspaper
Translated from Khmer by KI-Media

The 4 persons who were Chea Xim’s former protocol chief, former advisors and former aid and who are involved in cheating Malaysian investors in plan to build 3 hospitals, as well as opening a national center for mechanics training – all of which costing upward US$500 million – have received some funds [from these investors] to seek for authorizations, however, they were not yet successful in their enterprise when the investigating judge for the Phnom Penh municipal court decided to send them to jail on 29 September. The judges are still waiting for additional investigations in this case.

Article 380 of the penal code on fraud stipulates that: “fraud is punishable by 2 to 5-year of jail time if the crime was perpetuated by a public official during the course of their duty or if they are using this opportunity to serve their personal interest by presenting themselves as a public official, either by this individual calling on the public to print or issue checks, or by this individual calling on the public to collect fund for humanitarian or social aid and they are an organizing group.”

The 4 persons arrested are: (1) 60-year-old Chan Kosal, male, former advisor to Chea Xim and CEO of Koy Sambath Company, currently residing at No. 9 Street No, 134, Group 18, Veal Vong commune, 7 Makara district; (2) 50-year-old Khieu Bora, male, aid for the Development and Humanitarian Funds at Chea Xim’s office, currently renting a house at No. 71Eo Street No. 7, Tuol Sangker commune, Russei Keo district; (2) 61-year-old Ponlork Ho, advisor to Chea Xim and to the ministry of Interior, bearing the title of 3-star general, currently residing at a rented house in Chroy Changvar commune, Russei Keo district; (4) 56-year-old Pheng Kunthea Borey, female, former protocol chief of Chea Xim.

The three males above were arrested by Phnom Penh military police in cooperation with the national military police under the order of Meas Chan Pisith, the deputy prosecutor of the Phnom Penh municipal court. They were arrested one after another between 23 and 25 September 2011 based on a lawsuit brought up by Yim Leang, the deputy chief of Chea Xim’s office and commander of his bodyguard unit.

According to a source, the lawsuit stated that the 3 males above discussed with Malaysian investors on a plan to build 3 hospitals and a national mechanics professional training center. The cost of these facilities would amount to US$500 million.

After their discussions, the 3 males above issued a detailed letter for each plan, and they received funds from the Malaysian investors so that they can seek the proper authorization to build the planned projects.

After receiving funds, the 3 males took their documents to meet with Pheng Kunthea Borey so that she can pass them through the national leader [i.e. Chea Xim] for his approval on these plans. However, after several steps were taken, the case exploded and ended up in a lawsuit case.

On 27 September 2011, the cops built a case file and sent the 3 males to court so that they can be taken care of according to the law based on several accusation charges leveled against them.

After questioning, Meas Chan Pisith, the deputy prosecutor, decided to charge the 3 males and Pheng Kunthea Borey of severe fraud, and their legal case was sent to investigation judge Chea Sok Heang of the Phnom Penh municipal court.

In this case, the court first issued an order to send the 3 males to jail, and it also issued a summons order for Pheng Kunthea Borey for questioning. Then, on 28 September 2011, the Cham Yeam immigration police in Koh Kong province arrested Pheng Kunthea Borey and handed her over to the Koh Kong military police which sent her over to the Phnom Penh municipal court during the night on 28 September.

In front of the investigating judge, Pheng Kunthea Borey rejected all accusations made against her, saying that she was only pushing the paperwork through the national leader, i.e. she did not falsify any public document, nor used any illicit public documents or was involved in fraud.

Nevertheless, on 29 September 2011, the court decided to jail Pheng Kunthea Borey while waiting for additional investigation because this case involved many other persons.


Anonymous said...

Why would anybody commit crime and video tape? this is legitimate business dealing. Hun Sen scares, he will kill anybody.

Anonymous said...

Stop dancing around the issues. What is the charge?

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a legitimate business deal so the charge against them is political motivated or they are just business jealousy. I think these Chea Sim's advisors did not share this business deal with Hun Sen or his advisors, that's why they are accused of fraud and forgery. Hun Sen wants everything has to go through him and approved by him, not Chea Sim.

Anonymous said...

Smelling fishy. Investors should go through proper channel of business and government setting otherwise there going to be a conflict of interest or lacking of transparency all over the places. Hopefully Hun Sen and Chea Sim will joint hand in fighting the corruption and illegal activity which plagued the country. Objective and fruitful news outlet should refrain from speculations or feeding half baked rumor type of news.
They should either for best, independently seeking the facts out or at least waiting to report the real end result. The worst news outlet of all is the erroneous functional mouthpiece of someone or some orgs who brew liquid beer out of smoke.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think that Hun Sen is jealous of Chea Sim's success in attracting big bug-investors like these Malaysian investors. The arrests of Chea Sim's advisers is a loss of $500 million investment money. Also, other investors will be scared to come because they are afraid of losing money in this way.

Anonymous said...

I believe as I knew about Cambodian history about the rulers.
Hun Sen cannot be stayed in power longer than 10 years from now.
He will be absolutely toppled during this ten years. Let See.

Anonymous said...

As he tries to make an absolute power, he will feel a power against himself. He will not trust anyone. Later on, he will be toppled by his own elites.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Hun Sen will be toppled and killed by members his own party. Yes, I would give him 10 years too, but maybe he might got assassinated sooner than that.