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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mu Sochua's visit to striking M&V factory workers



Anonymous said...

Wherever opposition can politicise the event to get a political score, we always see the thick face of disgraced Mu Sochua, but we have never seen her face in helping flood victims at all.

Anonymous said...

If Sochua Mu have 30 Millions to spend on Helicopters for her mansion, we can be sure she can fly over there to help the flood victims.

Krama and Be-jeng for the Khmer!!!

Anonymous said...

1:42 PM, because you didn't see her in the video, it doesn't mean Mu Sochua didn't help the flood victims. She has set up a Paypal fund account and suggest you donate to her account so she could help the victims. Many people had donated and she used the money to help the flood victims. Put the money where your mouth is and don't just accuse her without verifying the facts first. About your CPP bosses, they never used their own personal fortunes stolen from the country to help the poor, but used state money and rich and corrupt businessmen's money for their own political gains. On top of that they forcibly evicted poor people from their lands, what can you say about that?