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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Chinese language schools mushrooming in Cambodia

PHNOM PENH, Oct. 5 (Xinhua) -- A Cambodia's senior education official said Wednesday that Chinese language schools have been mushrooming throughout Cambodia and the language becomes the second most popular foreign one in the country after English.

"I observe that more and more Cambodian children flock to study Chinese language nowadays," Chey Chab, secretary of state for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, said Wednesday during the inauguration of the Beijing International Academy (BIA) in Phnom Penh.

"I see that Chinese language has been broadly used internationally now and it looks more important, especially among business communities," he said.

Chab said that in Cambodia, the language has gradually been gaining popularity as China is the country's largest investor and a leading trade partner with Cambodia.

According to the Chinese Association in Cambodia, there are 56 Chinese schools with more than 30,000 students throughout Cambodia. The figure does not include local private schools that offer part- time Chinese language courses.

Diana Liu, the BIA's director, said the BIA was the first academy in Cambodia that offered Chinese and English programs with complete combined programs including arts, cultures, sciences, music, dance and martial arts.

"We are committed to building an excellent quality of Chinese and English education in the country," she said. "Our presence here will also help the government of Cambodia to develop human resources."
Editor: Wang Guanqun


Anonymous said...

No comments of Team's Khmerization on this news?
very surprising!
Khmerization where are you dearling?

Anonymous said...

People are dreaming that China will be international language; people should realize that the US is the only super power of the future.

Anonymous said...

I thought that you will tell me that the language of the Khmerization will always be the Khmer and not Mandarin Chinese.

I confess that I am disappointed with your response my darling.

Anonymous said...

prety soon Khmer won't have any own langauges to learn. If this stupidest CPP still rule the country.

Anonymous said...

I love chinese languages...better than vietnamese..