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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bonded labor keeps workers virtual slaves

The SLAVE-PUSHER - an owner of an employment agency in Phnom Penh. Does anybody know who she is? She is Ung Seang Rithy, owner of one of Cambodia’s biggest recruitment firms – Ung Rithy Group and the sister of Gen. Sok Phal, who is the deputy chief of the National Police. Gen. Sok Phal is the in-law of Hun Neng, who is older brother of Prime Minister Hun Sen.

In rural Cambodia, CNN’s Dan Rivers meets women who say they were taken to Malaysia with promises of well-paying jobs only to find they would have to pay deductions they could barely afford and have their passports confiscated.

He also visits the employment agent behind the jobs, who was not happy to see him and did not want CNN shining a light on her business.

For a time the crew was locked inside the agency compound as tension grew. In Malaysia there are more women who can’t get home.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank CNN for doing this story. It's a real eye-opener for all of us. Maybe someone can stop this agency.

Anonymous said...

Really cruel, they were caged like animals. The owner should have her license stripped off and jailed.

Anonymous said...

How much did this bitch paid the Cambodian government to shut up? She needs to be dealt with by law. Maybe her brother as well for backing her business in such a way to destroy young women.

Anonymous said...

they treated workers like dog? maybe these bosses deserve to be shots like dogs or deere.

Anonymous said...

She is so terrible. Soon she will be put in prison for her action again human rights.

Anonymous said...

Who behind this facility? The Ministry of Labor of Cambodia. Cambodia was rule and run by a bunch of Gangs. WELCOME TO THE GANGSTER CAMBODIA. This bitch is related to one of the Ministry of Labor.