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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Malaysian police and MP Mu Sochu take actions over the death of a Cambodian maid

By Khmerization
On 23rd July, Khmerization has received a mayday email from a concerned Malaysian national alerting about the death (murder?) of a Cambodian maid in Malaysia. The email was published and sent to more than 400 people, including the Malaysian Embassy, the Royal Malaysian Police and the Cambodian Embassy in Malaysia. The English-language Phnom Penh Post has also reported about the girls' death.

MP Mu Sochua (pictured), one of the receivers of Khmerization's email, has responded positively by promising to pester the Malaysian authority until she get the answer. "In my capacity as MP, I have and will bring to the immediate attention of the Malaysian embassy in Cambodia the issue of Cambodian workers working in Malaysia, in particular the safety and security of women working as domestic workers", she said.

She also thanked Khmerization for circulating the news about this case. "I wish to thank Khmerization for circulating the news. The case reported in the past, was successfully resolved, thanks to your input", added her email.

In a follow up email, Mu Sochua had promised to do all she can to get an answer about the girl's death. "I called the Malaysian Embassy yesterday. No reply but my letter will follow. I will surely get to speak to an official. A letter to the govt. is also on the way", she said in an email to Khmerization.

She also informed Khmerization that local NGOs are taking up the case further. "Local NGO spoke to the aunt of the victim who claims she was 19 year-old. The family wants to retract their consent to have the body cremated in Malaysia" added her email.

Khmerization is happy to say that the Royal Malaysian Police has also promised to take further action on the case after it received an email alert from Khmerization. "Thank you for your email. Further action will be taken as soon as possible. Thank you", said a public relation officer of the Royal Malaysian Police through an email to Khmerization.


Anonymous said...

Remember how fast malaysia deported heng poeuv back to cambodia? Mrs. Mu sochea needs to a couple of $$$ to get the malaysian police to investigate.
Nonetheless, don't use this as an opportunity to get a spotlight, do your duty as a mother, parliamentarian and a cambodian to bring justice.


Anonymous said...

I think she did it because she cares. She is one of the humanitarian leaders in Cambodia. We haven't seen any leaders from the ruling CPP, males or females, done anything to rescue victims of abuses and trafficking yet. Mu Sochua has rescued too many already.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a similar case recently where the mother or guardian of a victim retracted the complain after having received payment from the accused?

The victim's family must be compensated appropriately, but this should not be substitute for or used to waive the offense committed. Otherwise the crime will likely reoccur and someone else is destined to meet similar fate.

Actually, it's should not be left to Ms Mu Sochua (an opposition MP) to go chasing the case or the criminal - that is (strictly speaking)the duty of her counterparts in the government.

That said, it is at least a testimony to the relevance and merit of political pluralism and civil society (which, it must be stated, are seen as something of a threat rather than constructive partners by the power that be).

As mentioned in the letter sent by the concerned Malaysian citizen to Khmerization, he or she had to search for Cambodian websites on the internet and identified Khmerization - an anonymous news aggregating blog - as someone to contact! Now unless I'm grossly mistaken this covert news blog is one of a handful of Cambodian news outlets that is more probably than not being blacklisted by the Phnom Penh regime!

And just a thought: had Mu Sochua been sent to jail as Hun Sen threatened to do not long ago, Cambodia would have wasted another energetic human rights defender and experienced campaigner in her.