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Saturday, 30 July 2011

The U.S must not ignore Thai abuses against Khmers

Warrior Blood said...

Re: Civilian deaths probed [Thai human rights groups investigate the killings of Cambodians by Thai soldiers]

This what Thai's soldiers did in the past and present time. If you ask the Burmese, Laotians and Vietnamese they also have similar stories regarding harsh treatment from Thai soldiers. Thai soldiers have committed many human right violations in the past and present time and nothing was done about it.

Take example, in 1979 Khmer refugees were loaded into trucks and they were dumped into Phnom Dangrek cliff while Thai soldiers threw stone at them and crushed them to death. Women, children hung to the cliff for survival. Sadly Thai soldiers finished them off with their heartless killing machine, there were thousands of them died at Phnom Dangrek.

The USA should take a look at Thai military on human right issues rather said "it doesn't take side". This is a major concern, why turned blind eyes? I thought USA is a human right defender. The Cambodian government should have pushed this agenda a long time ago. Thank god for the human right groups that care about other human kind regarding of their ethnicity. I am saying that not all Thais are bad, there are good and bad Thais. These human right violations cannot be ignored any more. How come, I never seen any Wikileaks on this human right violation issues? May be it is not important enough to release the file.


Anonymous said...

Wikileaks is actually a Wikifreaks

Anonymous said...

Thai black soldier force Khmer refugees to walk on landmines field and Thai soldier open fire from behind...a lot of khmer people including men, women, childrren were blown into pieces on landmines field! Thailand National Human Rights must investigated...1979 massacre khmer refugees people by Thai black soldier! Too many unarmed innocent khmer refugees were killed by Thai soldier.....

Phnom Mali 1979,

Anonymous said...

You idiot, think it through before you write. We know how evil it was for the Thai soldiers to have treated our brothers & sisters in that jungle. To have US taking action against the Thai, that will not happen. Oil & Gas is the only thing that the US sees and second is human right. There are billion in dollars of US investments in Thailand vs. in Cambodia almost to nothing. Wake up, no one can improve our live than ourselves. Can we stop pointing fingers and asking for other to see our sorrow and pain that we've gone through. Let's join hands and build our country together. What do you say?

Anonymous said...

@ comment above.
Great! let join hand. By the way the next time you want people to join hand with you, don't call him/her idiot because you might be the one. Dont assume people know about the Thai's soldiers did to Cambodian refugees; we have to remind them especially USA. USA is the father of so call Human Right and Democracy. Cambodia is rebuild its country and every body is working hard for better future. Cambodia doesn't wait for hand out. Just because Cambodia tell you the sorrow, it doesn't mean that they stop moving. Your comment assumed that Cambodian are lazy, self pitty etc. You are painting the wrong picture to the public.