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Monday, 28 February 2011

Nhiek Bunchhay to become executive president of Funcinpec Party

Nhiek Bunchhay (L) and Mr. Keo Put Rasmy (R).

By Khmerization
Source: DAP News

Under the party reform to be undertaken at a party congress on 2nd May 2011, party Secretary General Nhiek Bunchhay will become Funcinpec executive president and party president Keo Put Rasmy will become legislative president (sort of a powerless honourary president) of the party.

The reform was scheduled to be voted and approved by 3098 of party national council members at the party congress scheduled for 2nd May.

Mr. Nhiek Bunchhay told Deum Ampil on 27th February that the reform, including creating a new Permanent and Steering Committee comprising of 12 members and a party national council which will serve a 5-year term.

He said under the reform, he will stand as a candidate of the executive president which has the executive power to manage and lead the party similar to the power held by the executive head of the government. And the legislative president, which will be held by Mr. Keo Put Rasmy, will be similar to that of the power of the chairman of the National Assembly (parliament).

The new reform was seen as an attempt by the powerful Mr. Nhiek Bunchhay to wrestle executive powers from Mr. Keo Put Rasmy, who already had limited power since Mr. Nhiek Bunchhay became party secretary general in 2006.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nhiek Bunchhay is a very ambitious man, from nothing to become the most powerful in Funcinpec Party. Even as secretary general of the party, he holds immense power, more powerful than the party president Keo Put Reaksmey. Even with evidences of his corruption stealing from the party totaling $6 million, no one can do anything to him.