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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Khmerization, Ki-Media and Sacrava sued by Hor Namhong?

It is a big surprise that Khmerization, Ki-Media and Sacravatoons might have been sued by Foreign Minister Hor Namhong (pictured) in secret, yet the parties have not been informed of the lawsuit.
The possible defamation lawsuit against these three blogs was revealed by Khmer Intelligence, an opposition-affiliated news syndicate, recently that Mr. Hor Namhong had took the defamation case to the French court, but his complaints have been thrown out of court.
"The French court in Paris has recently dismissed legal complaints for defamation lodged by Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong against three Web sites particularly critical of the Hun Sen government: KI-media, Khmerisation and Sacrava", reported the Khmer Intelligence.
This is not the first time Mr. Hor Namhong had used legal lawsuit to intimidate Khmerization and the other two blogs. In May 2008, through his lawyer, David Meas, Mr. Hor Namhong had sent a very strong message to Khmerization and threatened to sue, unless Khmerization deleted all articles critical of his roles in the Khmer Rouge genocide when he was once a senior official. However, the threat failed to materialise, but Khmerization had received a number of strange emails with the aim of trying to identify and to obtain my address.
Khmerization is no stranger to controversy. In June of this year, it has been blocked by ICT of Thailand after it published a number of articles critical of the Thai royal family.
But in this case, justice and truth have prevailed.


Anonymous said...

These 3 blogs were not aware of the lawsuit because there is no lawsuit. Khmer Intelligence News is a foolish news source propaganda by Sam Rainsy Party.

Sam Rainsy Party wants to fool the readers. Sam Rainsy wants to make KI-Media, Khmerization and Sacravatoons look like acceptable blogs by a democratic world(French).

There is no such lawsuit. It is in the head of the "Intelligent" Khmer (Sam Rainsy). He is brainwashing us.

Don't forget, these news are from "Khmer Intelligence". They are intelligent enough to brainwash people. They can invent sourceless news to fool people and earn some points for next election.

Anonymous said...

You must be kidding me mr.Posted
11:53pm.Be real,We aren't blind by
news around us and we known when its wrong also when it right please do not blame other party
before your investigate the fact.
Love you all,Cause we are khmer.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprise if there was a defamation lawsuit against Khmerization, KI-Media, and Sacravatoon. These sites are doing a good damn jobs for what they do. They are exposing Ah Qwak Hun Sen and his CPP monkeys for their corrupted ways that is dragging down Cambodia. Anyone who knows anything about Cambodian governments knows that Ah Qwak Hun Sen is being controlled and manipulated by Ah Satt Youn to serve Hanoi. Sam Rainsy actually the only politician who has guts to stand with his people for his nation against the invading Youn Vietnam. The bastard that criticized him and wanted to jail him is the traitor of Cambodia. He need to step down and let the real leader runs Cambodia. A true leader of Cambodia is someone who love his nation, shows care and concern for his people, and defend Cambodia's
territory from invaders.

Anonymous said...

If the news is true, then Mr. Hor Namhong has done a disservice to himself. By suing these blogs, people think that he is too sensitive and probably has something to hide. The more he try to sue peole who criticize his role in the KR, the more they will try to dig out more of his criminal past. Let him sue the whole world then.

Anonymous said...

Well i do believe there are case against all people who willing to fight their way for freedom for other and them self. Khmerization and other blogs have done excellent job. You have my support Khmerization.