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Monday, 19 May 2008

David Meas And Hor Namhong Threatened To Sue Khmerization

After threatening to sue Sacrava for drawing political satirical caricatures of Mr. Hor Namhong, Mr. David Meas (pictured), presumably under instructions from Mr. Hor Namhong, is threatening to sue Khmerization. Khmerization believes that this kind of litigation threat is an intimidation against Khmerization into silence and an infringement on Khmerization's freedom of speech. The articles published at Khmerization are published and posted at The Cambodia Daily website, The Phnom Penh Post website, Everyday.com.kh website etc. Unless David Meas and Hor Namhong can successfully intimidate these websites to remove the articles in question from their sites, Khmerization has no obligation to remove them from this site. Also, I wish to inform Mr. David Meas that I have no obligation to elect any lawyer to represent me in this matter as has been requested by you. And thank you Mr. David Meas and Mr. Hor Namhong for giving this blog prominence.
The following is a letter from Mr. David Meas to Khmerization:

Dear Sirs,

I am acting as French counsel for Foreign Minister of Cambodia, Mr. Hor Namhong.

I have noted that on your web site, named Khmerization.blogpost.com, the following articles are advertised, namely:

- “Hor Namhong , his wife and his son were chiefs of Boeng Trabek prison” (May 4, 2008);

- “Hor Namhong vs. Sam Rainsy, Defamation vs. Crimes against Humanity?” (May 6, 2008);

- "Sam Rainsy plans to sue Hor Namhong" (May 5, 2008);

- “Let’s Battle it out: The Defamation Case of Hor Namhong vs. Sam Rainsy” (April 18, 2008).

The content of those articles could be sanctioned by a court of law, as being in particular libelous, slanderous and defamatory for Mr. Hor Namhong.

In this respect, I draw your attention to the fact that in a 1991 judgement, the Paris courts ruled that similar allegations were defamatory for Mr. Hor Namhong.

Therefore I put you on notice, on behalf of Mr. Hor Namhong, to immediately take all measures so that those articles, and other articles which would be in the same vein, be deleted from your web site.

Mr. Hor Namhong obviously reserves all his rights against you and any other participants or contributors to this matter. Please indicate me the name of your attorney-at-law in this matter.

Sincerely yours.

David Méas

Attorney at Law


Anonymous said...

If i were you, i won't give a damn about what Hor Namhong and his lawyer going to do. He was indeed with the Pol Pot regims. He is one of the evil man alive today. However, he's trying to hide his identity.

khmerization said...


thanks for your comments. Like you said, I will not give a damn about this threat. With an independent court outside of Cambodia I have a lot of opportunity to fight back. Some suggested that, because Hamhong is very rich, I won't have enough money to fight back. I can tell you that it is not the money, but the will to fight that will prevail.