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Monday, 14 June 2010

Police prevented CWC from visiting the Cambodian-Vietnamese border post No. 270 in Takeo province

Mr. Rong Chhun talks to police after they tried to stop one of his many protests against border violations by Cambodia's neighbours.

By Khmerization
Source: DAP News

A delegation of the Cambodian Watchdog Council (CWC) are on Sunday 13th of June reportedly travelling to visit the Cambodian-Vietnamese border post No. 270 in Takeo province after such visit by a delegation of 17 MPs from the opposition Sam rRinsy Party (SRP) to the area on 3rd June has been thwarted by police and groups of vigilantes, reports Deum Ampil.

Rong Chhun, CWC chairman, told Deum Ampil by telephone that more than 10 members of his council are currently travelling to visit post no. 270 on the Cambodian and Vietnamese border in Chey Chok commune, Borei Cholasa district of Takeo province.

He said his delegation decided to travel to the area after local villagers accused the Vietnamese authority of planting the border post by about 150 metres deep inside Cambodian territories. He said that if villagers' claims are proved to be true, he will send an official request to the government to review the border planting in the area.

The latest news from Radio Free Asia reported that local police have prevented and stopped the CWC delegation from reaching the site. Mr. Rong Chhun condemned the police actions. "By preventing us from visiting the site it creates further suspicions that the border post has been planted abnormally in line with the claims by the villagers. So, the Cambodian border Commission, as well as the government must review all border plantings with Vietnam to avoid the loss of Cambodian territory through such border plantings", he said.

A villager who has witnessed the police action said the authority has sent a large number of police to stop the CWC delegation from reaching the site. He said the delegation has tried to travel by boats to reach the site, but was also stopped by the police. "There were many soldiers, many of them, and four or five people who went down to catch a boat have been stopped on the spot", he said.

A call to the Takeo provincial police commissioner went unanswered. And Var Kim Hong, the chairman of the national Cambodian Border Commission, cannot be reached for comment regarding the matter. But Mr. Son Sotheany, chairman of the 4th Land Boundary Demarcation Commission, have told RFA previously that the reason the authority did not allow the people to visit the site was to avoid any disturbances and disruptions to the demarcation works of the border technical teams.

On 3rd June, 17 SRP MPs have made an unsuccessful trip to the area after police and groups of vigilantes have set up road blocks along the way and physically prevented them from reaching the border post site. A few days later, Funcinpec MPs made a trip to the Cambodian-Vietnamese border area in Phnom Den in Kirivong district of Takeo province, but they were also prevented by local police from reaching the site.


Anonymous said...

In the sea of many are afraid,silent and scare of Hun Sen(tyrant),You are shine like a bright beacon with couragious act that inspire all Khmers to follow your example.

Mr. Rong Chhun, you are a true Khmer Heroe.
May God bless you all the way.

True Khmer

Anonymous said...

This is how the traitorous Hun Sen police reacted to patriots who want to defend Cambodian territorial integrity. they are traitors because they stopped patriots from protecting Khmer territory.

Anonymous said...

The clever thief Vietnam doesn't need to do the stealing with its own hand, it cleverly uses that sell-out Prime Minister Hun Sen to do the job. Hun Sen is like a made-in-Hanoi robot gift for Cambodia. He is programmed and remotely control by Hanoi to intervene in anything that will adversely effect Hanoi's interest and ambition.

As much as Cambodian blame Hun Sen, Cambodian should also look toward Hanoi, for being nosy and interfering Cambodia's affair. If Hanoi has a hand-off Cambodia policy, politic in Cambodia would be more democratic, instead of communist dictatorship.