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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sihanouk: Ruom Ritt is not Ruom Ritt and Ruom Ritt is Ngin Chhorn

Left: Mr. Ngin Chhorn who claimed to be Ruom Ritt. Bottom: Sacrava's impression of the real Ruom Ritt, which is King-Father Sihanouk himself.

By Khmerization
Source: Kampuchea Thmey and Angkor Borei News

King-Father Sihanouk and Prime Minister Hun Sen came out strongly to denounce the voice of an interviewee on World Khmer Radio as a fake, report Kampuchea Thmey.

From 14-19 February, World Khmer Radio, an online radio based in the United States, broadcast a voice purported to be Ruom Ritt, a childhood friend of ex-king Sihanouk who often caught the ire of PM Hun Sen for his many critical articles against the latter.

During a speech to students at a graduation ceremony on Wednesday at the Royal University of Phnom Penh published in Kampuchea Thmey, PM Hun Sen blasted Ruom Ritt as a fake by threatening to take legal action against the impostor. "The real Ruom Ritt has no voice, but the fake Ruom Ritt has a voice", Mr. Hun Sen said implying that the real Ruom Ritt could be King-Father Sihanouk.

King-Father Sihanouk, in a statement from Beijing, declared that Ruom Ritt that people heard on the radio is a fake because he said the real Ruom Ritt are very old who is bedridden and cannot talk. “Right now, if there is any group or any individual who claimed to be Ruom Ritt, then he is a fake Ruom Ritt”, the statement said.

The Angkor Borei News, the Khmer-language newspaper published in the United States, claimed that the voice people heard on World Khmer Radio, was really the voice of Mr. Ngin Chhorn, a long time ardent supporters of King-Father Sihanouk.

Mr. Ly Diep, editor-in-chief of Angkor Borei News who claimed to know Mr. Ngin Chhorn very well, editorialised on 24th February that he doesn't know why Ngin Chhorn want to become the fictitious Mr. Ruom Ritt. Mr. Ly Diep said that the real Mr. Ruom Ritt is Sihanouk himself.

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