A Change of Guard

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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Kem Ley

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for great poem and songs memorized for our Khmer hero. I truly believed Hun Sen 100% and his cronies are behind this cheap, cold blooded murder. The singer was rights who ever ordered and committed are not smart and traitors. Dr. Kem Ley death didn't die in vein he accomplished many things:

1. Dr. Kem Ley forever will be in the memories of Khmer nation for centuries, he will be in Khmer history book. He made a name for himself as ture Khmer patriotic and hero. No Khmer will ever forget him.
2. Bring awareness of corruptions and how to avoid been the victims.
3. Taught Khmer to fight to live in dignity and free.
4. Advice CNRP leaderships the important points of what Khmer people needed.
5. Tell Khmer and the world in Cambodia if you speak the truths and tried to do the right things you will be ending in short life span by the hand of dictatorship mafia groups.
6. He had a chance to scope out how much those traitors in Phnom Penh gave up our country territories and islands sadly but he didn't accomplished this in full. Hope others brave and intellectuals will continue his works.
7. Educated many Khmers of their rights