A Change of Guard

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Friday, 8 July 2016



Anonymous said...

I want to project....export the real sugar back to the rich in China and import fake sugar to sell back to Cambodia...

The world is gone: fake rice, meats, medicine, money, men/women and the list goes on.... Disorder brings chaos -- sin, when it is conceived bring forth death. I'm talking of added sins beside the original sin of mankind.

Japan has created hamburger out of poop. Man is just too smart for his own good. Can't leave what God has created as food alone. No, they have to tamper and modify to improve what wasn't theirs to begin with. And many smart people would love to counsel God about his perfection when the blemishes are in themselves.

OH, I got to throw this one in...Whaooom

UN plan to save the earth is just "fake fig leaf" for Big Business for a global take over by Big Money ruling elite.

Peace! Ah....Ummm, maybe it's Poverty for these people that's been bulldozed to eternal famished.

The Great Jubilee is coming when all the oppressed will be set at Liberty. A promise I know will happen. This world need deliverance from the Satanic power that have been ruling her for the last (almost) 6th thousand years.

Poor Preacher

Anonymous said...

sugar has been proven [ by researchers ] to be harmful to our brain.. addictive to our brain-- 8 times addictive than cocaine [ same brain area as drug addiction lit up under MRI ] , causing weight gain/obesity and increase insulin resistance, increase risk of diabetes ,might cause pancreatic cancer ,liver failure , fuel the growth of cancer and the list goes on ... these are articles written in the mainstream media , not by some conspiracy website...

and the fake sugar is even worse ..[ sweet and low , splenda , aspartame to name a few ] increase risk of dementia and alzheimer disease.

as always eat in moderation -- not everyday and all day long is the best way to stay healthy.