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Thursday, 2 June 2016

PM, King call for investigation into opposition petition

Manekseka Sangkum: It's a down-side up Kingdom where the crooks sit on the law, calling all the shots? Electoral irregularities, plunders of natural and national assets, constitutional violations, secret deals, rights abuses, assassinations, murders of all kinds committed by those in power (who else could have got away with these acts?), yet even to question or speak about any of these horrendous crimes publicly alone have already landed quite a few people in prison! 

Just when you might be thinking: Surely, these scoundrels can't make themselves appear any more ridiculous or heap any more shame on their country's name, well, you are wrong; they have exceeded themselves yet again! 

Good day!  


People organise folders of thumbprinted petitions at the CNRP office earlier this week before delivering them to the Royal Palace.
People organise folders of thumbprinted petitions at the CNRP office earlier this week before delivering them to the Royal Palace.Hong Menea

The Council of Ministers has ordered Interior Minister Sar Kheng to investigate whether the opposition forged thumbprints featured on a mass petition submitted to the King on Monday.
The directive dated May 31 and signed by Prime Minister Hun Sen, King Norodom Sihamoni and cabinet minister Su Phirin, tasks Kheng, also a deputy prime minister, with “examining” the petition, probing people “directly” and using “other possible means” to establish the thumbprints’ veracity.
This is in order to “avoid the use of thumb prints to trick both the people and the King”, the letter, released yesterday, states.
Interior Ministry spokesman General Khieu Sopheak yesterday said the investigation could lead to yet another potential charge against the Cambodia National Rescue Party, whose acting president, Kem Sokha, is holed-up at the opposition’s headquarters to avoid arrest.
“If it’s found they repeated fake thumbprints, it’s a severe moral offence firstly, because first it cheats the King, and second, according to the law, they might be charged with faking the document and punished with a criminal offence,” Sopheak said.

The petition, which contains more than 170,000 thumbprints, urges King Norodom Sihamoni to intervene in what’s widely considered a political crackdown by the ruling Cambodian People’s Party.
The CNRP – which is organising a second petition – accuses the CPP of having violated the constitution by using its control of the judiciary to manufacture a slew of questionable cases against its members, members of civil society and an election official.
The cases mainly stem from an alleged affair by Sokha, who has been provisionally charged with ignoring a court summons related to the scandal. CPP lawmakers on Monday voted to allow police to ignore his immunity.
CNRP supporters began collecting signatures for their first petition last month. Some of them were briefly detained by authorities.
A video purportedly showing CNRP supporters encouraging people to thumbprint on behalf of relatives emerged on a pro-government news site soon after the petition was delivered to the palace on Monday.
CNRP spokesman Yim Sovann yesterday denied the thumbprints were phony. He then reiterated a challenge for the government to invite the signatories to Phnom Penh to validate the petition. In a statement yesterday, the CNRP appealed to those who backed the appeal to be ready to come to the capital.
“If you want to know if it’s true or not, let 170,000 people show up at Freedom Park,” Sovann said.
According to Article 626 of the Cambodian Criminal Code, forgery – which carries a maximum three-year term – must be intentional and designed to “provide evidence of a right” or be an act carrying legal consequences.
Legal expert Sok Sam Oeun said though forging a thumbprint was illegal, he had never heard of a forgery charge being applied to a petition.
“In short, it is a crime if you forge a thumbprint on behalf of others for public letters and private letters . . . but for a petition, I have never seen that,” the lawyer said.
The CNRP say they will respond with mass protests if police seize their acting president, who took refuge at party headquarters last week after officers attempted to take him into custody.
Sopheak, the Interior Ministry spokesman, said police were presently holding off on arresting Sokha to avoid potential clashes with opposition supporters.
“The important thing is that the ministry protects the security of the country . . . he can be arrested whenever,” he said.
Additional reporting by Shaun Turton


Anonymous said...

I think Hun Sen will create more problem about this finger print and Hun Sen will arrest and jail some that the way it's. Hun sen can do anything. watch out all Khmer patriots. I think it will be blow up soon and watch out YUON will take advance to kill Khmer as many as they can and YUON will get away because Khmer government are protecting peace for the country and the world community will stand by and watching and than condemn the killing. I think that the way will happen.

Anonymous said...

យកក្រដាសផ្តិតមេដៃតៅឲ្យស្តេច តេបែរជា ទៅដល់ដៃពួកស៊ីភីភី ដូច្នេះតើស្តេចនោះវាដូចម្តេចទៅ?
តាមមើលទៅ ដូច​ជាមិនស្មើ ស្តេចល្ខោនទេ ​ចយដឹកអើយ ។ទៅពឹងស្តេច ដូចជាទៅពឹងអាមោកអញ្ចឹង រឿងអីប្រជាជនមិនខឹងទៅ។

Anonymous said...

A good Hun Sen is a deposed Hun Sen !

Anonymous said...

at 12:55

A good Hun Sen is a dead Hun Sen.
Just like his boss, a good yuon is a dead yuon.

Anonymous said...

This Yuon slave Hun Sen is so determined than ever to destroy Khmer to please his master Yuon.

Sooner or later Ah Kwack Hun Sen will imprison the CNRP's members for eating lunch, for sleeping at night, or for taking shower, etc...

Everything that the CNRP's members do is illegal and must go to jail according to Ah Roleuy Hun Sen and this Yuon slave party CPP.

The CNRP, especially Sam Rainsy should know that Ah Sdach Ting Moung Sihamoni is Ah Kwack Hun Sen's puppet. And Ah Kwack Hun Sen is Yuon's puppet.

Sam Rainsy should not listen to his wife's advice because she has a close relation with Ah Sdach Ting Moung Sihamoni and Ah Sdach Prett Sihanouk.

Sam Rainsy must wake up and understand Khmer history. Sam Rainsy must stop touting Ah Prett Sihanouk and Ah Sdach Ting Moung Sihamoni.

Khmer Roleuy largely because of Ah Sihanouk's craziness with power.

I understand that Sam Rainsy has high education and done a lot of good deeds but he must stop listening to his wife if he really wants to save Cambodia.


Menguist said...

"The directive dated May 31 and signed by Prime Minister Hun Sen, King Norodom Sihamoni and cabinet minister Su Phirin, tasks Kheng, also a deputy prime minister, with “examining” the petition, probing people “directly” and using “other possible means” to establish the thumbprints’ veracity." Is there any evidence to show the King ordered Mr. Kheng to investigate the thumbprints of the petition? Is there a crime to use the King name without his consent?

Anonymous said...

Why did the CNRP want to get intervention from the scare crow king Sihamoni?

If he has been blind and deaf, why bother him?

Anonymous said...

The important thing is that the ministry protect the security of the country by arresting the traitor of the country, the one eyed monkey placed in power by the Youn to arrest who ever question his illegal hold of power over the country, the gay king and the country natural resource.