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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Golden memories ... អនុស្សាវរីយ៍មាស


Anonymous said...

ស្តាប់លេងពិរស់ហើយ ព្រោះប្រជាជនសង្ឃឹមស្តេច តែអា ស្តេច ដែលអន់ជាង ស្តេចល្ខោន វារត់ទៅចិនបាត់ ថាហើយ អាស្តេចឥតបានការមែនទេ?

Anonymous said...

លើកក្រោយ CNRP គួរហែញត្តិ​ទៅអោយអធិរាជ FB ហ៊ុនសែន ប្រសើរជាង ពីព្រោះវាជាអ្នកត្រួតស្ដេច។

Anonymous said...

This Yuon slave Hun Sen is so determined than ever to destroy Khmer to please his master Yuon.

Sooner or later Ah Kwack Hun Sen will imprison the CNRP's members for eating lunch, for sleeping at night, or for taking shower, etc...

Everything that the CNRP's members do is illegal and must go to jail according to Ah Roleuy Hun Sen and this Yuon slave party CPP.

The CNRP, especially Sam Rainsy should know that Ah Sdach Ting Moung Sihamoni is Ah Kwack Hun Sen's puppet. And Ah Kwack Hun Sen is Yuon's puppet.

Sam Rainsy should not listen to his wife's advice because she has a close relation with Ah Sdach Ting Moung Sihamoni and Ah Sdach Prett Sihanouk.

Sam Rainsy must wake up and understand Khmer history. Sam Rainsy must stop touting Ah Prett Sihanouk and Ah Sdach Ting Moung Sihamoni.

Khmer Roleuy largely because of Ah Sihanouk's craziness with power.

I understand that Sam Rainsy has high education and has done a lot of good deeds but he must stop listening to his wife if he really wants to save Cambodia.