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Friday, 29 November 2013

Tep Vong, the Cambodian Buddhist patriarch, being spoken to by a Vietnamese official like a child


Anonymous said...

Why Khmer leaders always be Chhkae's yuon? Jaiijaytha II to Sdach komrook/Sinorook to Ah kwaq Hun sick today!? Why!?Why!?


Anonymous said...

I was told that Ah monkey Tep Vong was a cook in the Khmer Viet Minh camp, located up in the Northern part of Vietnam. He worked as the cook while others of his camarades were brainwashed and train as the real Ho Chi Minh's guerillas as ah Sar Kheng and others in Scambodia today. Yuons found him not good at anything, but they didn't want to kick him out from that secret camp, so yuons decided to keep him there and used him to do all the works in kitchen. After a while youns and other young Khmer Vietminh found him so attractive, and then they started to call him "Me" Vong and he is so happy to be called "Mee"as a female; and now he had another job in that camp as the male prostitute in that camp.

Anonymous said...

Look at ah Monkey Tep Vong in this picture. He was with one of ah Yuon's top rank in a show case somewhere.Just look at ah Monkey Tep Vong's body language and ah Yuon's, were his interaction and his body language told us any thing at the right moment when he was in front one of the yuon high ranks in Hanoi. He acted as he was a slave or a loyal servant or as the former male prostitute while he was in the Khmer Viet Minh camp as the 11:02 reported earlier. Now, you see the real Tep Vong. King with no cloths. It is just like the prey and the predator in the wild kingdom. Does he act appropriately as the Cambodian Buddhist Patriarch in that picture? Picture says a thousand words. Tep Vong's picture reminds me The picture of Sihanouk and Sihamony at the yuon's Presidential Palace in Hanoi. Father and son were acting as almost as the same as Tep Vong in this picture.

Anonymous said...

what course all that because ah sihanuk go with communist and alway suck dick CHINA that why .

Anonymous said...

Tep Vong is a disgrace to all Khmers, especially Buddhist monks. He is a patriarch of Cambodia and he acted sheepishly like that in front of the Vietnamese officials?

Anonymous said...

10:54 am

The answer is that Khmer leaders weren't good leaders to start with.
A good Khmer leader should and must know that Viet expansionism is on the in Cambodia.
If you know someone tries to kill you, you have two choices:

1. Try to kill him/ her first.
2. Protect and prevent yourself from being killed

You should NEVER be friend with your ENEMY !
Sadly and stupidly, that was exactly what Norodom Sihanouk did by helping Ho Chin Mingh to win the war against the Americans.
What Sihanouk should have done was to hit his enemy when the enemy is weak and helpless. Prior and during the war, the US practically " begged " Sihanouk for help.

Sam Rainsy and other Khmer leaders or future leader should remember this lesson.
To solve Khmer or rather Yuon -created Khmer problems, we Khmers must stop and destroy Viet expansionism on Cambodia, if not years from now and century from Khmers if anything left will be dealing with the problems.

A Khmer Patriot

Anonymous said...


Viet expansionism is on the move in...
Prior to and during the...
and century from now Khmers, if anything left will be dealing with the same....

( was in a hurry, sorry )


Anonymous said...

tep vong is a vietnamese dog