A Change of Guard

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Friday, 29 November 2013

Khmer-Americans in Jacksonville, Florida protest against Cambodian patriarch Tep Vong ខ្មែរអាមេរិកាំង ដេញ សង្ឃ ទេព វង្ស

Here is the schedule of the protest.


Anonymous said...

Yes! We are ready to welcome him and his delegates with rotten eggs mixed up with human shit and oxen blood. About 100 of us would be there to scare off ah Chamkuot Chker Yuons aka ah "Kropoer Vonveng Boeng". Ah Khmer Viet Minh wrapping himself with the monk's robe.

Anonymous said...

Tep vong is the real one a bad budisim,kick him out he is very bad