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Monday, 3 December 2012

Vietnam built a new airport on Koh Tral Island

New airport starts operating on Vietnamese island off Kep
Phu Quoc International Airport

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) - A new international airport has started operations on the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc [in Khmer it is called Koh tral] off the Cambodian province of Kep, the Vietnam News Agency reported.

The report said that Phu Quoc International Airport, which  began operating on Sunday, had a 3,000-meter runway capable of receiving Boeing 777 and 747-400 aircraft

VNA said the new airport was located in Duong To commune and replaced a small local airport in the town of Duong Dong.

By next week, daily flights from both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are expected to be servicing Phu Quoc, which is known a Koh Tral in Khmer.

Phu Quoc is part of the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang, which has recently allowed Cambodian vehicles to enter the border district of Ha Tien in a bid to boost local tourism.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

HUN SEN will be in a real big trouble when seeing Koh Tral to be the Vietnamese ugly name Phu Qoc. Vietnamese pushed Hun Sen to sign the illegal deal to give the Cambodian's biggest island to the thief nation. Hun Sen and his Vietnamese bosses in Hanoi have violated the peace agreement accord 1991 and international laws.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

SAD, SAD, SAD, this is Cambodia's island. Viet stole our island right under the U.S,UN, ASEAN. No one care Cambodia lost her territories because CPP gave Hanoi legitimized treaties and King, Parliamentries signed it. Gentlemen don't forget our land. Let not forget and move on.

Anonymous said...

It's time to wake up!.Under Hun it means under Hanoi's mechanism.The nation become a slavery state.A second class nation,who got no right to say or to run our own economy or business,for example Angkor Wat is run by Hanoi's Agent Xok Kong.Armed forces run by Tea Banh,Vietcong.The whole country assets have been sold. Debt is as high as the GDP,$10 billions.A million farmers have migrated to neighboring country such as Thailand ,Malaysia,Indonesia to do slavery jobs,many were abused and killed. Territory land and sea border is left free for Hanoi to grab or encroached.
This is the worst history,that is happening in front of our eyes.The silly traitors seem to be left free unchallenged by any one?

Our country need to be steered away 180 degree from this course,otherwise our entire nation will be sunken in the deep sea,that Hanoi have planed.

Urgent rescuing and salvation is needed to save our motherland.Time is running out.Every Cambodian should live as a braved warrior and savior,a rebel to Hanoi regime/mechanism.

Our county,our history is our lives,our identity and dignity,without which we live for nothing.

True Khmer

Anonymous said...

I agree with you my fella, borrow more spend more owe more,the next generation will be paid with their arms &legs.Stop borrow now...stop enslave your grandchildren to pay your irresponsible debt...Stop evicts your people out of their land,stop corruption,stop cronism,stop vote for the Cpp=corrupt pigs party ,vote for democracy to change for the better for all people in Cambodia.If you vote for Cpp you vote for corruption,you vote for cronism,you vote evictions,you vote for Yuon to be your boss,you vote to destroy your own country,you vote for their clans to shoot you like they did to Heng Chantha a 14 yrs old girl in Kratie evictions.Please think for your kids future and ask yourself what kind of society that you want them to live in Communism or Democrat? Free or repress/oppress/suppress? You have a choice to make in 2013 it your choice choose it wisely....

Yobal Khmer

Anonymous said...

What a nice airport. I want to visit Koh Tral. Now Khmers can come via the airport, faster than on boat.

Anonymous said...

6:02 AM
I want to die but what about my kids? They are so little, and who's going to take care of them if I am dead?
Only the people inside the country can help themselves. The problem is they don't give a damn about the future. All they want is peace and 3 meals a day. Simple .

Anonymous said...

Khmers will get back Koh Tral, including all infrastructures on it through the International Courts of Justice at The Hague.

Anonymous said...

The barbarian Hanoi stole and robbed from khmer. This island must return to khmer in the near future. Pourk ah beisach Hanoi never own anything . The letters they use were created by French. Anything that the youn own or have are from stealing , cheating, robbing , killing, murdering. There is no good word for this nation. I feel embarrassed and ashamed if I were born as youn so called vietnam. Even the word viet was stolen from khmer word. How can anyone be proud of such thing. The answer is no no no no no no way.

Anonymous said...

4 December 2012 8:57 AM,

Your mind is still like Vietnamese/Yuon dog eating mind and you still think so selfish like Yuon/Vietnamese.

Khmer people (millions of them) can see and show support to their children as their bloods like brothers and like sisters if something happens. There are large groups of Khmer people supporting each others. They live in one country and one nation. They try to get rid of the bad leader who is a Vietnamese puppet as soon as possible.