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Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Federation of Cambodian Rice Exporters Begins

Updated December 16, 2012 
Live Trading News
The Federation of Cambodian Rice Exporters FCRE was officially launched Saturday in a bid to promote and maintain a strong presence of the country’s Rice in the international marketplace, officials said.
“The federation’s ambition is to expand Cambodian Rice exports and to work relentlessly on continuous improvement of Cambodian Rice sector,” Kim Savuth, FCRE’s president, said at the launching ceremony.
He said the federation’s members consist of Rice exporters, banks, logistic companies and other allied businesses.
“We are together in order to create a dynamic force to boost Rice exports,” said Savuth, who is also president of Khmer Food Co. Ltd.
Seun Sotha, director of the Commerce Ministry’s trade promotion department, said the FCRE is the only one organization that is authorized to discuss and negotiate with the government in all issues relevant to rice exports.
Addressing the event, Minister of Commerce Cham Prasidh said the federation will contribute to assisting the country to achieve the export target of 1-M tons of milled Rice by Y 2015.
Cambodia is an agrarian country. More than 80% of the population is farmers. In August 2010, the government has launched the Rice export promotion strategy, aiming at exporting 1-M tons of milled Rice by Y 2015.
The country could only export only the small amount of its milled Rice due to the shortages of sophisticated post-harvest technology and capital.

According to the figures of the Commerce Ministry, the country exported 141,470 tons of milled Rice in the 1st 10 months of this year, an increase of 4% from 136,000 tons at the same period last year.
With the exported volume, it earned revenues of US$97.6-M, + 25% from US$78.2-M in the prior year.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Interesting article here, this will be the third associations that claimed to be the mandate for Cambodian Rice Export arm. Mr. Moa Thora introduced "Cambodian Rice Exports Association" in Feb 2012, and now Mr. Seun Sotha introduced this, FCRE association. Next year Mr. Cham Prasidh will introduce another one? Cambodia has the arable land to produce over 20 million metric of paddy rice per year, but lack of ability to storage or process even 1 million metric ton of paddy rice. By keep on introducing rice export association one after another is right the direction to reach 1 million metric ton of white rice export goal for 2015? Sounds like inside fighting to me between Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Agriculture.