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Monday, 10 December 2012

(KHMER) LICADHO Report: Attacks & Threats Against HRDs 2010-12 [Embargo until Dec. 9, 2012]

Dear media friends –

Please find attached an advance copy of LICADHO's latest report, "Attacks & Threats Against Human Rights Defenders in Cambodia 2010-2012" in English. A media statement is also attached. Both documents will be uploaded to our Website and officially released on International Human Rights Day (Monday, Dec. 10, 2012).

The media statement also contains information about LICADHO’s activities to celebrate IHRD in 18 Cambodian prisons on Dec. 10.

Khmer versions of both documents will be forthcoming shortly.

The HRD report is under an embargo until Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012. Stories may begin appearing on that date.

This is the eighth installment in LICADHO’s series of reports on attacks and threats against HRDs in Cambodia. Links to prior reports, detailing threats back to 1997, are provided below.

As always, please let us know if you need additional information or clarifications.

For LICADHO’s previous reports on attacks and threats against human rights defenders, please see the following links:

http://www.licadho-cambodia.org/reports.php?perm=143 (2008-09)
http://www.licadho-cambodia.org/reports.php?perm=127 (2007)
http://www.licadho-cambodia.org/reports.php?perm=98 (2006)
http://www.licadho-cambodia.org/reports.php?perm=85 (2005)
http://www.licadho-cambodia.org/reports.php?perm=71 (2004)
http://www.licadho-cambodia.org/reports.php?perm=40 (2003)
http://www.licadho-cambodia.org/reports.php?perm=18 (1997-2002)

Jeff Vize

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