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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Singer Oum Kunthea seriously ill, living in poverty [Once a rising star, now a beggar. How sad?]

Oum Kunthea gets presents from Khmer Art Association director Sos Mach and actress Soda Nita

PHNOM PENH (Cambodia Herald) - Fans of Oum Kunthea were recently shocked to discover that the sexy singer is seriously ill and living in poverty, according to the latest edition of Angkor Thom.

The magazine spotted the singer and her two sons in a pond searching for water lilies, morning glory, fish and snails to make their daily ends meet.

Khmer Art Association director Sos Mach and actress Soda Nita recently visited the family's broken-down house to provide some financial assistance, the report said.

"This assistance will keep my family from starving for a while," the weeping singer reportedly said. "Some money will cover treatment I've owed to a doctor for a long time."


Anonymous said...

Very sad indeed,want to help her what # can I reach her? Is she lives in the city or in the village? I feel bad for the boys her sons they have to go thru all these drama because of the door of opportunity is closed for their mother,at least she still have grace,dignity and integrity as a person or a mother she didn't sell her body or abandon her childrents.Give me Sos march # I would contact him and send my donation to help her and her sons.


Anonymous said...

99% of the Khmer stars forget where they coming from....once they going back where they come from they all forget about you. Sabey plek kloun. In PP many beautiful girls come from all over to PP want to be PP girl. Once they go back to farm.....going to just like her.

Anonymous said...

How about her husband, Sophath? If they both divorce, the father should be responsible for the children as well.

He should be known better? This is very good lesson to those Sabey plek Kloun singers or actors.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that she wants the way she is? No one wants to be suffered,thing happen unexpertly, so please be nice you will never know is the future hold for all of us.Thanks god that you don't have to be like her....! Don't judge her pray for her or help her if you can;if not;don't be so means to her. I would like to help her please give me the link.Thanks.

Yobal Khmer.