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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Why the Obama Petition?

Please sign the petition on the link below and forward it to your network 
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30 September 2012
By Mu Sochua

President Obama is the standard-bearer of democracy. We ask him to exercise the greatest vigilance with regard to the poll. In November, President Obama will visit Cambodia because the country holds the presidency of ASEAN in 2012.
We ask President Obama to put 2 conditions to his visit:
The first is thorough reform of the body that administers elections in Cambodia, the National Election Committee (NEC). This organization should be non-partisan, but is in fact under the majority control of the ruling party, the CPP. The UN's Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Cambodia, Surya P. Subedi, has recommended this reform, which has been refused by the government. As long as the NEC remains in its current form, there can be no fair elections.
The second is that opposition leader Sam Rainsy must be allowed to return to contest the elections. Mr.Sam Rainsy is the only credible rival to Hun Sen.
If the conditions for proper elections can’t be met, then we ask President Obama to Not provide an endorsement for totalitarianism. It would be better for the President Not to come to Cambodia.
The people of Cambodia, for so long denied their right to self-determination, now need President Obama to walk the talk.
There are no signs that Mr. Hun Sen will consider any of the UN recommendations. The stake is very high in 2013: do we allow Cambodia to go through another 5 years of total loss of natural resources, of loss of territory, of a one-party rule, of corruption and gross violations of human rights?
We want a government that is legitimate in 2013. We want Cambodia to move forward and to be governed by rule of law and for our people to fully exercise their rights and freedoms.
We need to act NOW. We need to prevent the foreseeable economic, social and political detrimental impact on Cambodia and on our people should there be another election conducted under the current political environment and by an institution that exist to be used as a tool to preserve the power of the CPP.
The international community has an obligation to the Paris Peace Accords and soft diplomacy has led to the current state of affairs in Cambodia.
Why not just ask President Obama to come and deliver a message to Mr. Hun Sen? Because, it will be too late. Mr. Hun Sen wants the visit of President Obama.
I respectfully and sincerely send my gratitude to those who have signed the petition and the same respect and sincere appreciation go to those who oppose it.
More than 700 people have signed the petition and the number is growing.
Let the people express their opinion but do stand together to stop the tears of our children.
Mu Sochua
Cambodia National Rescue Party
30 September, 2012.

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