A Change of Guard

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Cambodia National Rescue Party On the Move

In Battambang alone, we reached over 800 villagers by holding small village meetings, last week end. The other three teams of MPs speaking for Cambodia National Rescue Party reached close to 5,000 illegible voters in the last 3 days.

Special forums are held with target groups such as students and women.



Anonymous said...

You must continue to pursue for supports.

Anonymous said...

Work harder and prove that you're capable and no corruption or Nepotism,tell them how Cpp did to Bang Kak residents and Borey Keylar village.Tell them how democracy works to better life using rule of laws,justice for all,opportunity for all,not being Yuon's slave.

Anonymous said...

Also, tell them that Don't let Srok Khmer/Cambodia to be like Champa and Khmer Krom (Kampuchea Krom) and answer the questions if every Khmer people (who are wondering around) have the questions. Tell them that don't be afraid of asking the questions or need to know what the Opposition Party is all about for their future and children's sake.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sam Rainsy need to step down and let Ms.Mu become the party president.
If you care about the country, you need to step down and let a new leader lead the party !!!!!
Don't be a thick skin and walking around blame every body else except yourself !!!!!!

This is the change that we need. Sam Rainsy can be the smartest person in the party, but if you can't win the election then it doesn't matter.