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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hun Sen’s cabinet rejects fake letter on Facebook [The CPP leaders are beginning to betray each other by leaking each other's secrets]

(ហូ សិទ្ធី Ho Sithi)
PHNOM PENH, 7th August 2012 (Cambodia Herald) Hun Sen's cabinet has rejected as fake a letter posted on Facebook claiming that the prime minister would not be taking questions on Thursday when he addresses the National Assembly on Vietnam border issues.

"Samdech Techo Hun Sen never said such a thing," cabinet director Ho Sithi said in a letter Monday. "The Cabinet of the Prime Minister must reject such fake information."

Hou Sithy said the fake letter, which included a forged signature of the prime minister, was the "worst possible action of those politicians who feel so scared of losing  that they have to cheat.

"This action does not affect the government but it will undermine the perpetrator," he said, urging people to wait for the live radio and television address on Thursday.

The incident follows another fake letter which recently claimed that Senate President Chea Sim, the chairman of the ruling Cambodian People's Party, had died.  

There is also a leak of a letter allegedly from National Assembly President Heng Samrin warning Mr. Hun Sen not to release his letter because it gives opposition parties ammunition to exploit it and it could also cause a people's uprising. 

Read alleged Hun Sen's letter and Heng Samrin's letter below:


Anonymous said...

Interesting piece of paper (letter) Hun sen less traitor than Hen Samrin: Here is my translation from Khmer to english just main point....

1,Hun sen less traitor than Hen Samrin because Hun sen wanted to explains to opposition party and khmer's public on the day that address to the nation but,it didn't happen this reasons below.

2,Heng Samrin letter asked Hun Sen to withdrew a letter from being publish for public to read and also forbid Hun Sen from explaining about the border issues with Yiek cong because Heng Samrin in his own words feared that (khmers public) know the truth and uprising against Cpp.

Heng Samrin also worried about ruined friendship with Yiek cong if Hun Sen address the nation about border issues.Further more,Heng Samrin worried about his Cpp parry will not get any vote from public if Hun Sen talks about border issues.

So,after read Heng Samrin's letter I understand him real clear,Heng Samrin is a real traitor in this generation,no wonder Heng Samrin didn't protest the village that is belong to his ancestor ceded to Yiek cong lately.

Conclusion:Hun Sen wanted to address/explains to opposition party and the nation about border issue.Heng Samrin oposed due to fears of losing his job and breaks up Cpp unity,and ruined friendship with Yiek cong that they (Cpp) have been friend for too long...

I didn't translation word by word just a summary of what these two traitors said in their letter.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! That's the reasons why Heng Dumb's rin did not say word prior to his ancestor's village ceded to Yuon.Heng Dumb's rin went visited Srok Yuon did not say anything about his village.

Heng Dumb's rin happied to be Yuon citizen folks! Heng Dumb's rin is Yuon's agent since he was dirt-poor brokes before he jointed Khmer-yiek Minh.
Now he only worried about Yuon and his Cpp party,he didn't worried about Khmer's land that Yuon stolen.Heng Dumb's rin is Yuon's agent no doubt....


Anonymous said...

Both of them ah Hun sen and ah Heng Semrin is still a traitor

Anonymous said...

Yes, now it started to reveal the name and the face of who is the real secret agent of Yuon Hanoi was....Nice to know this messages or letters of the traitors.Please reveal some more,expose all what you know.No wonder Heng Samrin didn't say word about his village given to Yuon in recent year.

Anonymous said...

Heng Samrin doesn't wants Hun sen to talk about treaty 1982-2005 because Heng Samrin feared that his Cpp party will be destroyed due to the treaties were illegal.Heng Samrin only cares about his job,his party,his Yuon counterparts, and trying to warned Hun sen not to talks about the border issues in his address to khmers nation.

Heng Samrin was a real traitor or Yuon secret agent since Vietminh time.Whether this documents (letters) true or not, it is light up dark secret of Cpp-Yuon slave intention to destroy Kamuphea in the new method,without using bullets/bloodshed....


Anonymous said...

The CPP leaders don't trust each other now. They try to betray each other. Soon, their internal fighting will spill into the public.