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Friday, 1 June 2012

Boeung Kak children’s tearful plea ["Good people go to jail, while thieves are free"]

Friday, 01 June 2012 
Khouth Sophak Chakrya and Shane Worrell
Phnom Penh Post

A young girl (Heng Sreyleak) from the Boeung Kak lake community cries during a protest outside the Ministry of Justice in Phnom Penh yesterday. Protesters called for the release of 15 residents jailed last month. The caption on her forehead reads: "Good people go to jail, while thieves are free". Photograph: Meng Kimlong/Phnom Penh Post

Children of imprisoned Boeung Kak lake women pleaded for their mothers’ release outside the Ministry of Justice yesterday.

The demonstration, which included more than 200 Boeung Kak residents and activist monk Loun Savath, was held on the eve of International Children’s Day.

It also coincided with more than 100 NGOs writing a letter to the World Bank asking it not to end its suspension of new loans to Cambodia.

Children sang about their mothers, 13 of whom were convicted to two and a half years in prison on May 24 after a three-hour trial, and called for the government to “free the 15”, who also include two who were arrested the day of the trial. All 15 are in Prey Sar prison.

Heng Sreyleak, 13, the daughter of Heng Mom, said the charges were “unjust”.

“All they were doing was protesting for the 12.44 hectares of land promised to them by . . . Hun Sen,” she said.

The World Bank suspended all new loans to Cambodia last May, indicating it would not issue more until the government reached an agreement with Boeung Kak villagers.

Hun Sen pledged 12.44 hectares of land to residents in August, but that land is yet to be marked and some families remain without titles.

Amid fears the World Bank is set to lift its suspension, 116 organisations sent an open letter to the bank’s president, Robert Zoellick, and president-elect Jim Yong Kim yesterday.

“Now is the wrong time to end the suspension,” the letter reads. “Doing so would not only risk undoing gains made, but would also send a dangerous message to the [government] in light of the spate of recent killings and unwarran-ted jailing of activists.”

Demonstrators yesterday delivered a petition to Bun Yai Narin, director of the Ministry of Justice’s cabinet. “I feel pity on them when I see their little children crying and asking for their mothers,” he said.

Activist monk Loun Savath, who was detained last Thursday and released after being “forced” to sign a document agreeing to stay away from protests, blessed the children.

He told the Post he was not worried about being detained.

“I worry about Cambodia. It is a dark situation right now relating to human rights,” Loun Savath said.


Anonymous said...

Don't you hear them cried[children of evitees] while you[Cpp cronies] sit,ate and smile with your elite,happied and socialized,you think everything are alright but its not, justice in your country can be sold can be baught...Children crying in the place where once their house stood
the place where once there usedto be their neighborhood.

Broken heart

Anonymous said...

I love the slogan on her forehead "good people go to jail, while thieves are free". This is Cambodia under Hun Sen. It breaks my heart to see these children cried because the authority jailed their parents who did nothing wrong other than to ask to be compensated for their stolen land. It is so sad to see victims jailed, while the perpetrators walked free. They stole their land and now they jailed them- this is so unjust.

Anonymous said...

Open question to [Hun cent] Cpp regime...
Land concession that your economy-advisor to evicted these poor people for:who is benefit from this land deal? Is that deal benefit for your government desperately needed?Or desperately greeded to get rich fast, despite the outcry of the residents.

If you(Cpp) can look straight in the girl eyes what did you see ? what can you say to her? If someone did this (destroy home) to members of your families how do you feel? Why you(Cpp) so cruel to your own citizens? All you Cpp that live in phenom penh today,especially, Cpp clans what proof that you have to proof that you own homes/land in phenom penh?

We all knew that all homes, land in phenom penh were owned by most of the death people that got killed by your comrades K .R. for Cpp were Yuon clans poor,brokes,someone like Huncent himself was a poor farmer live from hand to mouth,thatwise, he(Huncent) jointed K.R.

Huncent useto hated social injustice,that the reason why he jointed K.R.And now he got his power he forget the struggle that driven to to jointed K.R.He is blinded by greeds.

500millions that he has stolen from these khmers people,now he wants more...when do you think it is enough for you Mr strong?????

The sins that you've made will be falling on your children/ grandchildren oneday...If you don't believe me just look at all dictators of the world
Someone like Momar El Gadafi,Sadam Husien etc,what has happened to them!? You know it
all because the Sins of their father...


Anonymous said...

Mr:Hun Sen !
Would you look straight in this little girl eyes [Heng Sreyleak] and tell the world what you see?Is it fair to steal her land and destroyed her home,her belonging,the very little that she had and put her Mother in jail? The slogan on her head that said: The thieves run free,the victims put in jail...You stolel my land,you destroyed my home,you put my mother in jail....

The birds needs a nest to raise their young,human-being needs a home to raise their families,without it the fabric of society will be crumble,hopelessness,sadness set in mentally breaks down.

Cpp, look in this little's eyes closely,what did you see? Are you blind not seeing anything? I looked into her eyes,l seen sadness,hopelessness
and distrust,also i seen angered,revenge,and i seen an innocent girl plead for help,but no one can....

My heart go out to her and her families or those that got evicted by this greedy Cpp regime unjust...Justice is blinded indeed for this little girl and many poor khmers people that cries out for help,but no one seems to be able to help....