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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Nuon Chea's lawyer sues Hun Sen

Michiel Pestman, Nuon Chea's lawyer.

PM in defence’s sights

By Bridget Di Certo
Thursday, 23 February 2012
Phnom Penh Post

Lawyer for Brother No 2 Nuon Chea have lodged an application with the Khmer Rouge tribunal Trial Chamber, asking it to take immediate action against Prime Minister Hun Sen to prevent him causing “further damage” to Case 002.

The “Application for Summary Action against Hun Sen” was filed yesterday in response to Vietnamese media reports that the premier had referred to Nuon Chea as “deceitful” and a “perpetrator of genocide”.

“In order to prevent further damage [to Case 002] . . . a public condemnation of Hun Sen’s remarks and a public warning that further comments will be met by even more stringent action” is needed, the application says.

“Unless such action is taken by this Chamber, the Prime Minister will have, once again, exposed the ECCC as the cowed institution that it is.”

Defence counsel Michiel Pestman told the Post it was presumed that any comments made by the premier amounted to political pressure for Cambodian judges because of his power hold on the Kingdom.

“The international judges of the Trial Chamber have so far completely failed to take any principled decisions – there have been no dissents in the Trial Chamber, and they are avoiding their responsibility to this case,” Pestman said.

“We want to say that things are changing; we are not going to be bullied into submission,” he added.

Nuon Chea’s defence team has filed multiple motions at the tribunal and in local Cambodian courts seeking a remedy to alleged political interference in Case 002 by high-ranking government officials.

As yet, these motions have been unsuccessful.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Pestman,

You are so awesome and a super Hero of Khmer people and the victims of the Killing Fields.

Yes, Communist Vietnamese leaders in Hanoi have played the dirty and secret roles to manipulate Hun Sen in order to interfere the ECCC.

Vietnamese secret agents were real killers behind the Khmer Rouges in the Killing Fields. Vietnamese leaders have played the dirty games to trick and borrow the hands of the blind and gullible Khmer/Cambodian leaders like Hun Sen to attack real Khmer/Cambodian people and Khmer Rouges compatriots and Khmer nationalists who tried to defend the Cambodian country or territory from Vietnamese aggressions and ill-intentions to take a whole Cambodia. Yes, it shows that Vietnamese leaders are very dangerous for all Khmer people like us and we (Khmer people or our family members as real Khmer/Cambodian) don't want to be exterminated and killed in the near futures or the next many decades to come in the blind eyes of the international communities and UN or the world. Khmer people like us are very scared and worried about our future of Khmer citizen in the world. Hun Sen is still very stupid and dumb because he did not see the future extinct of Khmer/Cambodian people in Cambodia today. Hun Sen does not care about Khmer/Cambodia people. Hun Sen's mother is Vietnamese.

Khmer people will make the voices heard and show you the greatest supports. There are many Khmer people in Cambodia are lack of educations and have no access to the educational researches to find the documents and find out what happened to the Killing Fields and how the Killing Fields starts. I believe that Khmer people are sometimes gullible because they did not know including the tourists.

Thank you so much for our excellent works and you will be the greatest hero for all Khmer people at home and abroad.


Khmer/Cambodian Survivor of Killing Fields.

Anonymous said...

Mr Pestman.

Thank you!! If you can help remove AH dictator Hun Sen, you will rewrite history and save Khmer from modern slavery! WHilst you are at it, Please dont let AH Comrade Hor Nam Hong get awaym, he has also made repeated statements about his former Pol Pot comrades.

He was also the Chief prisoner in one of the killing camps in Pol Pot Regime.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's about time! Get RID of ah Dechoey Hun Sen, 100% Vietnamese agents all over Cambodia, CPP a yong Youn & CPP Cronies......than Cambodia will becomes a true DEMOCRACY & PROSPEROUS.

Like Mr. Sam Rainsy once said " Get rid of Hun Sen" the country will slowly emerge from Hell.

Mr. Pestman, Cambodian patriotic all over the world LOVE you for what you are doing. PLEASE FIGHT TO THE END. STAND FIRM. HOPE YOUR OUTCOME IS A JOY AND HAPPY TO CAMBODIA AND HER PEOPLE.

Your name will be recorded in the Cambodian history as a SAVER OF CAMBODIA FROM HELL. NOT JANUARY 17.

Kone Khmer -"Angkor 7"

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION. I MEAN JANUARY 7 NOT 17 on the above comment.

Kone Khmer - "Angkor 7"

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen probably not knowing he's being sued. How can he know if he has been manipulated by Vietnamese government. He's the lease educated leader in Asia.

Anonymous said...

Guns and weapons have kept the dictator of 32 years in power. Will this uneducated Vietminh be able to get out of this one...

Find out on the next episode of KRT- Khmer Rogue Trial, the BEST real life crime dramas brought, 10 years on your local TV !!