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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Interview with Mr Pen Sovann - Part 1

Interview with Mr. Pen Sovan in Syndey Australia - November 2011. Speech of former Prime Minister Pen Sovan attacking the Cambodian People's Party and Vietnam. Courtesy of CamWatchblogs.blogspot.com.


Anonymous said...

You are an amazing politician, a living proof of rare example of human history,who dare to resist against the jaw of Hanoi's expansionism, that at time communist empire were so powerful. Your sacrifice is golden example for all young Khmer to learn that true Khmer conscience can not be bent or for sale.

You put the national interest first,but Hun,the puppet, willing to sell every thing to Hanoi just for his personal power.

History will remember you for what you did,but not what you have.

We will built a tall statue of you in remembrance of your heroism in Phnom Penh,when the time come.

May God bless you Pen Sovann.

True Khmer

Anonymous said...

If he come to US I would like meet hem. Can some inform about this.

Anonymous said...

Now we know that Hun Sen is 100% a traitor, and the question is what are we Khmer people going to do about Hun Sen and his clans when the time has come.
We need the leader like Mr Pen Sovann to lead our people and our country now before it's too late!!!

Anonymous said...

Khmer love Khmer!


Anonymous said...

As one of Khmer academics (former cadre of CPP till 1992) I've full respect to MR Pen Sann because of his national interest and his personal sacrifices.

We all Khmers must learn from him, if not our beloved Khmer country will be fall into Indochina forderation soon. This is the last way that all Khmers must fight for.