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Monday, 17 October 2011

U.S. President to Visit Cambodia for First Time Next Year

President Barack Obama (L) shakes with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen during the latter's visit to Washington.

17th October, 2011
Xinhua Web Editor: yangyang66

Cambodia is expected to welcome the visit of the incumbent President of the United States for the first time in history next year when the country chairs ASEAN, officials said.

Speaking to reporters after meeting with Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister Hor Namhong, minister of foreign affairs, on Monday, visiting Ambassador of the United States to ASEAN David Carden said the U.S. congratulated Cambodia for hosting the ASEAN next year and said the U.S. was ready to assist Cambodia to chair the ASEAN successfully.

"The U.S. fully supports ASEAN to establish an ASEAN community by 2015," he said. "Our president will be given the opportunity to attend the ASEAN-U.S. Summit and related meetinghahas here next year."

Koy Kuong, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the ASEAN-U.S. Summit will be held in late November, 2012 in Phnom Penh, and the U.S. presidential election will be held in early November 2012, so, probably, the incumbent U.S. President Barack Obama will take part in the summit as the new elected U.S. President in the next year's election will take office in December.

During the meeting, Hor Namhong asked the U.S. to accelerate its assistance to Lower Mekong countries including Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos under the framework of the Lower Mekong- U.S. cooperation on the sectors of environment, education, health and infrastructure.

"The U.S. plays a key role to help the four lower Mekong countries to develop connectivity. It is a part of ASEAN connectivity, " he said.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) groups Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

David Carden arrived here on Sunday for a four-day visit. During the stay, he will meet Cambodia's ministers of education, environment, and commerce, and also pay a courtesy call on the Prime Minister Hun Sen.


Anonymous said...


All we want is to get rid of Corrupted Communist CPP leaders coming from Communist Vietgook Country first before President Obama will shake hands with the non Communist leaders.

Hun Sen needs to go because he was installed as Communist CPP PM by his Communist Vietgook masters from Hanoi. Hun Sen is very dumb and married to his Yuon wife who is a crook and murder.

Khmer people feel very embarrassed to have the stupid leader Hun Sen as Communist CPP PM who has lea the country in the wrong directions under the secret supervision and provision of his Communist Vietgook masters in Hanoi because those Communist Hanoi gooks/masters are the ones created Khmer Rouges's Killing Fields to kill all Khmer people in the blind eyes of gullible Khmer people, foreigners,international communities and United Nations before the Communist Vietgook masters and people took the entire land of Khmer Kingdom.

Vietgook masters have still been playing the dirty secret plans and cheated the stupid propaganda until today.

You have seen something wrong with ECCC for Khmer Rouges Trials. It wasted millions of dollars!!!

Communist Vietgook Masters and thier Vietook folks have played the major roles in the blind eyes of the international communities and UN to deceive the money and take the huge advantages of Resources both Khmer Kingdom and International funds or assistants. Those Vietgooks have stolen everything and shipped to Communist Vietgook Hell country.

Communist Vietgook masters and folks in Khmer country have to pay the heavy prices to what they have done badly now or until 21st century.

President Obama (including Madam Secretary Hillary Clinton) does not know that Communist Vietgook masters have been behind all the problem ever since.

JFK and their administrations have already known a lot about Khmer country and what happened in Khmer Kingdom

Anonymous said...

Hanoi gooks are at the last string in trying to swallow up that piece of Khmer land, Cambodia to fullfill their VietCamLao agenda. They had their chances when they invaded and occupied Cambodia in 1979 for 10 years. Now, these Hanoi gooks parasites are trying their damnest using sleeziest theivery tactics. It won't happened because Khmer are more united than ever and are very well aware of these parasites in Cambodia. Most know who stand behind Hun Sen. They prefer to stay silence at this moment. Cambodia need to be strong first, economically and militarily. Hun Sen seem to be keeping that train of progress and development slowly moving. Let him enjoy his glory. Khmer populations are increasing every year. It will be doubled in next few decades or so. The new generations are more educate than ever. They know what they want for their future and best for country. They sure don't want to see those Vietgook parasites secretly running Cambodia. Given time, Hun Sen will be dead of cancer and a new younger leader with more education and qualification will undoubtedly run Cambodia. I don't think Cambodia will move backward in any shape or form. So, don't allow yourself to be too nagative and become hopeless. Cambodia is becoming better everyday. Cambodia is getting more spotlight than she ever had. Things are turning for the better since April 17, 1975. That is the way we should see Cambodia. Nothing is perfect when starting out. Over times, it will get better. Keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Don't be a smart ass...If you don't have anything good to say or to contribute. Don't bother....okay.

It's good that President Obama decided to visit......Srok Khmer.. Let all the CPPs members understand that there are term limit to how long you can in be in office....8 years is all Hun Sen needed to run Cambodia ...not 26 years...

I say, for the sake of all Khmers...Hun Sen should step down........be a man........

Anonymous said...

Will mark in history book for US president visit.

Anonymous said...

How dirty Vietgook like 18 October 2011 6:01 AM! If this gook messes around with the U.S. President without respect, then his Vietgook ass and evil country will be bombed with a nuclear bombs like hell and kill his bad gooks including his ass. This 18 October 2011 6:01 AM is unbelievable. He has to pay the heavy toll.

Anonymous said...

don't blame the Viet or the Thai. We Khmers should blame ourself; for example, when someone or something happen in Cambodia. Someone or somebody always look to the Viets or the Thais to kill other Khmers politicial opponents. It was like this since the Angkorian era. This is the reason why Khmers lost so many provinces to the Viet and to the Thais. Did the Viet or the Thais ever come to ask for our help when they ( the Thais) has an internal politicial issues. Fuck no. They resolve those differences among the Thais or the Viet. We Khmers are fucking cheap....that's who we are...

welcome any comments...

Anonymous said...

7:46 I have no further comment. You can put Khmer history in one paragraph. that's real cool.

Anonymous said...

7:46 AM - How stupid your comment is! You are a bunch of uneducated and unreliable person in the world!


Anonymous said...

Vietnam is not all innocense in our history either. I can say the same thing with Thailand. As far as history goes, Vietnam had behaved like a thief and got us into many troubles because of selfishness. Our leader like Ho Chi Minh was obsessed in making Vietnam bigger, he dragged his country into war with America and killed millions of our people. I'm not saying Vietnam is all bad or all good but no one can say that any one country is all right in its history. Does Native American blame themselves for losing their land and culture to the hungry American of those days? Do Tibetan blame themselves for losing their whole country to China? Should Vietnamese blame ourselves for losing Spratly Island and Percel Island in South China Sea? The victim tend to know who is the perpetraitor but the perpetraitor tend to see little or nothing about his act. If we don't learn and remind ourself of our history, the future generations will continue to be ingorance and hateful of each other. It take both ends to understand in order to never repeat the same history.

Anonymous said...

3:29 AM - Keep barking. You are flip-flopped to be this or to be that by comparing Khmer to American-India, Khmer to Tibet, blah, blah and blah. You and Vietnamese gooks still play the dirty secret and trick to play a nice guy. No one to believe you acting such a nice guy.

It is about Vietnamese gooks want to be proud be a thief and serious trouble makers like you. Stop explaining about your gooks to be like Americans or Chinese. There is nothing, nothing and nothing to compare. You and your gooks are still thieves and trouble makers that destroyed Kingdom Khmer. Just look deeper and think about it. Stop being a brainwashed Vietgook idiot.

Again, there is nothing to compare your Vietnamese gooks to Americans and Chinese people.

Spratly Island and Percel Islands in South China Sea do not belong to you Vietgooks, you understand that? How about Koh Tral island your Vietgook took from Khmer innocent people. Do you know that?

You don't know how sorry and guilty you and Vietgooks are.