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Friday, 7 October 2011

US-Khmer director returns for new film

Friday, 07 October 2011
Peter Olszewski
Photo by: Photo Supplied
Daron Ker is returning to the kingdom next month to start pre-production.
Phnom Penh Post

"The next generation of filmmakers is coming, not just from Hollywood and New York, but from around the world.”

E’S one of San Francisco’s hot young film makers, 38 years of age. He’s Cambodian-born, which is kind of cool in the US at the moment, and he comes with a cool name: Daron Ker.

He even looks cool, in a retro rocker longhair way, and he hangs out with the likes of the Doobie Brothers, who are so uncool that, hey, they’re cool again.

He has two big films in the bag – Rice Field of Dreams and a biker music movie I Ride – that are already creating a buzz in the US, and he’s about to return to Cambodia to make another film.

He’s shaping up as serious talent, and if things go his way, he hopes his return to Cambodia next month will mark the beginning of a new resurgence in local filmmaking. Read the full article at Phnom Penh Post.


Anonymous said...

He looks like a lady-boy. He needs a haircut. Nice, clean and respectable to the norms.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid of his hair. His partner should be short hair otherwise...