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Saturday, 8 October 2011

U.S charge d'affaires monitors vote registration in Cambodia

U.S charge d'affaires Jeff Daigle monitors vote registration in Cambodia


Anonymous said...

Cast your vote wisely. If you vote for Hun Sen's parties, the Cambodia people will continue to live below the poverty line. How long has Hun Sen run the country? How many jobs has Hun Sen created and employed Cambodia people? Why Cambodian migrated to the neighboring countries looking for jobs? Vote for your future, vote for your children's future. Daryl of USA.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes people are so scared that Hun Sen's party will find out who they voted for, that's why people voted for his party, but the real truth is that Hun Sen's party cheated at the counting to win.

Anonymous said...

There is no clean political party to vote for. You are voting for the lesser evil. SRP will be more corrupted because they are mostly poor so lining up the pocket when they gain power is the main goal. CPP is completely sold out to Vietnam. Who else left? HRP? We dont know HRP intention either. I guess back to CPP again for now.