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Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Stele of Preah Khan of Angkor, (1941) including transliteration, translation and inscription rubbing


Of the 23 Angkorian Khmer provinces/principalities listed in the Preah Khan inscription (of Javavarman VII), we can identify following: Svanpura is currently Suphanburi, Lavodayapura is Lopburi, Javarajapuri is Ratburi, Jayasimhapura is Muang Sinh (all in Thailand). Phisanolok (vishnu loka) is also an ancient placename of the current place/thai province, probably dated back to Angkor era. On the map by Simon de la Loubère (1693), it was misspelled as "perselouc".

Attached is G. Coedes, "Le Stele du Prah Khan d'Angkor", Bulletin E.F.E.O (1941), texts including transliteration, translation and inscription rubbing.

Regards Bora Touch

Dear Lok Bora Touch,

Thank you very much for enlightening us on the names of the former Khmer provinces in Thailand. May I request more:
1. All the names of the 23 provinces because it seems that not many people aware of this.
2. The province in Cambodia now is called ខេត្ត. What was it called during Taprom inscription?
3. Once I hear from someone who is quite well known in Phnom Penh that the Bayon temple consist of 54 summits which were represented the number of provinces of Khmer during that time. How this statement can be explained by evidence somewhere? Or just the imagination of an artist?
Thank you very much

Courtesy of camwatchblogs.blogspot.com.
Stele Du Prah Khan Angkor by Coedes 1941 A

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