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Monday, 31 October 2011

A royalist military general arrested [Hun Sen applied a Khmer Rouge-style purge: Nhiek Bunchhay and Serei Kosal next?]

Serey Kosal (Photo: The Phnom Penh Post)
Nhiek Bun Chhay (Photo: The Phnom Penh Post)

4 suspects arrested in drug raid: one suspect was a former PPenh deputy governor and former advisor to the ministry of Defense

31 Oct 2011
By Heng Seng Long

At 11:30AM on 31 October 2011, cops of the anti-drug trafficking department of the ministry of Interior raided a major drug trafficking center located in O’Deum area in Dangkao district. Four suspects were arrested, one of them is a Thai citizen.

Two of the suspects were identified as: (1) Maj-Gen. Lay Virak, a former royalist Funcinpec military general and former deputy governor of Phnom Penh and former advisor to the ministry of Defense, and (2) Maj-Gen. Khuon Sarun. The raid yielded 1 kg of drug and two AK-47 rifles. At 1PM, the operation has not ened yet.


Anonymous said...

If they were really drug traffickers, should we close our eyes and let them do it for the sake of the national unity?
I do not wish Khmerization to imitate KI-media for such silly comments. We appreciate authentic news, not biased news.

Anonymous said...

This is call operation clean the potential opponent. Given the recent news that the former king sihanouk will remain in Cambodia forever not leaving town again. Hun Sen probably prevent any royalist groups from forming at political movement to take over as history indicated that the royal group won the election in the past. Hun Sen cannot underestimate the royal group especiall when the king has returned home. Hun Sen also cleaned up his internal group to ensure that they walk the straight not stray in anyway just because the former king has returned. despite the political history and how king sihanouk screwed up politically; he is still very popular in Cambodia. Hun Sen has to weaken the royal supporter at the same showing to the public that he is kind and supportive of the monarchy system. There are many drug dealers in the CPP ranking related to the top leader's relatives. Who will dare to touch them? How do they make all of their monies? The black market control by CPP and if you dare to cross, you will be punished. Those CPP found to be a threat will be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the new era of Khmer Rouge. This new Khmer Rouge is very elusive fasat with democracy name behind it. It likes the tiger wearing sheep cloth but underneath it is a real tiger ready to hunt its pray down. How could the world be fooled by the fasat democracy? Well, those democracy lover love money too. This is why, PM Hun Sen able to minipulated the world by lining the pocket of the foreigners that work for his interests. If you think American official doesn't love money, you better think twice. Do you ever wonder why PM Hun Sen continues to remain in power if he is dictatorship? Why do you think the American allow such tyrant to remain free? What did Hun Sen offer America? What did Hun Sen offer China?

Anonymous said...

What is it that the American and China want from Cambodia?

Anonymous said...

Third comment is ????

Soketh Na said...

Hun Sen or Hun Nal is at it again. I can't for the Khmer Rouge Trials to resume. Hun Sen or Hun Nal I should say, is lying once again. The PM is a puppet to the vietnamese. Tell me why more and more Viet illegals crossing the border into Cambodia? Tell me why is the more security on the Thailand border than Vietnam border? Vietnam is still in mind to take over. This time they're doing it in a business way not war. But since Hun Nal is making room for the Vietnamese,he decides to boot his own people out. Why?! A civil war is necessary because the rights from people are being takened away into dust similar to the past war. Is Hun Sen really afraid of being executed? Noun Chea said it all. Khmer Rouge members have ranking numbers..202,203,204 etc) The next on the list is Norodom Sihanouk. After him is Hun Nal(Hun Sen's KR name). Lastly I interviewed former Khmer Rouge slaves worldwide and admit that Hun Nal is a murderer and should be executed just like Saddam Hussein of Iraq.