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Sunday, 9 October 2011

“Memoirs of Son Sann” book banned in Cambodia?

08 Oct 2011

KI-Media received a report indicating that all copies of the book “Memoirs of Son Sann” had been confiscated by the authority. All major bookstores, including Monument Books, the publisher, saw their copies confiscated.

It looks like the Hun Sen regime is unsettled by some of the facts reported in this book, after all we are living in the Kingdom of Wonder, are we not? Maybe it would be more appropriate to call it the Dictatorship of Wonder, eh?

Well, it is never too late to publish this book online so that the world can read what the Dictatorship of Wonder is afraid of.


Anonymous said...

I will definitely buy a soft copy of the memoir . I'm curious why it being banned in Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

The ban is dictatorial and goes against the Cambodian constitution where freedom of expression is guaranteed. I think the present government, particularly Hun sen, has something to hide and that the memoir probably did reveal something so sensitive to them. Sometimes the truth hurts and in this case the truth hurts Hun Sen and the CPP so much, that's why they ban the book.