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Monday, 24 October 2011

Local [American] girl moving to Cambodia to help girls involved in sex trafficking

Piney Flatts girl moving to Cambodia (Added: October 23, 2011) Ryana Dearmond is moving to Cambodia to help involved in sex trafficking.

By: Cameron Crapps
Published: October 23, 2011
More video here.

Piney Flats --A woman from right here in our region is daring to do something many of us have never dreamed of. She is moving to Cambodia to live and help young girls sold into sex trafficking. Sex trafficking in Cambodia is nearly a way of life. 60 percent of children are sold into the trade at least once and a third of those are trafficked on a regular basis.

Ryana Dearmond is only 24 years old. She says, “At the end of November I will be going to Cambodia for two years. I will be teaching a culinary school." She says she's loved cooking all her life and even started her own catering company. But now she is taking her personal interest international.

She will be working through a group called The Center for Global Impact. She will be working with girls ages 14-18. She says, “These girls are hurting.”

She needs $30,000 for the entire trip and she's already half way there. There's a chance for you to help. Ryana's aunt is helping her with an antique sale. All proceeds will help fund Ryana's trip.

Ryana says, “I'm excited about the opportunity. I've been given the opportunity to go make an impact. And I don't want to miss any opportunity."

You can help Ryana on Thursday, November 3rd from 4-8 p.m. That's when she's having her antique sale. It will be at 200 Allison Court in Piney Flats.

If you would like more information or directions, please call (423) 538-1161.

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