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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Khmers have never learned from the past

Khmer Angkorian said...
Re: Lodi man deported to Cambodia [a deported Khmerican endures a hard life in Cambodia]

Look at what is going in Srok Khmer (Cambodia)? Hun Sen was poor before he took power by killing off his political opponents. Now, he still did not understand where he came from. According the Fortune Magazine, he is a billionaire with net worth between $5-$7 billion. Would you think that the money he get from the donor countries that he used that money to build school, hospitals, 2 year colleges, 4 year colleges, and universities for all Khmers? No, he didn't. He was there in power to enrich himself and his extended families. No one can criticize him.

Khmers have never, ever tried to negotiate with other Khmers within Cambodia about Khmer issues. If one party wanted to overthrow another Khmer party they always to go the Viet or the Thais to ask them to kill Khmers. It will be like this forever....until the Thais or the Viet take all Khmer lands and then afterward the Khmers realized that they can't live under the Thais or the Viet because they don't have any freedom. Until then it will be too late. My advice to Khmers is to try to fight the Viet or the Thais to get back Khmer land. How much land did we Khmer lose to the Viet or the Thais? Look at Kampuchea Krom and 17 Khmer provinces that were given to the Thais by the French. There used to be 54 provinces in Cambodia, now there are only 21 provinces left and recently, the Khmer government split a few provinces to create 3 or 4 more provinces to make it to 24 provinces.

In 100 or 200 years from now, we Khmers will be landless just like the Kurds or the Palestinians.

Khmers have never learned from the past. Whoever took power, they have always repeated the same mistakes by making themselves very rich, not the Cambodian nation.

Khmer Angkorian (Bridgewater, MASS, USA). this is where I live.


Anonymous said...

Look at this Question: Is this real ?

Please watch the site from U Tube:


Anonymous said...


After watch u tube, What do you think about Shihanuck ex king ? Was he a former Khmer Rough leader? Why does Shihanuck has no responsible for what he did for Cambodians ?

Anonymous said...

Shihanock was a khmer rough leader as he gave speech infront Khmer Rough Mitilaries. According to this u tube document video.

Anonymous said...

Khmer are already landless; what do you think Khmer have any more land? The lose the war to Vietnam. What you see in Cambodia now is just a show.

Anonymous said...

Who is the EX King Shihanuck ?

Anonymous said...

I heard also that Hun Sen is the 7th richest man in the world. Where did he get the money from if his salary is about $1450 per month? The answer is he committed corruption and stole from the Cambodian nation.

Anonymous said...

In the future can we get our lost land back from the enemies Yuon and Siamese, what can we do to get all of those provinces back from them?

Anonymous said...


Cambodia doesn't have any modern anything. So good luck trying to get back our ancestors' land.