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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Dams threaten Mekong's fish and region's security

Life on the 'mother of all rivers' could change soon

Deutsche Welle
26th October, 2011

Tourists enjoy the low running Mekong River at sunset on the border of the two Southeast Asian nations. The Mekong River provides food, water and work for millions of people, but development plans for hydroelectric dams pose a threat to the environment and diets. As a key decision looms, neighbors look on anxiously.

Known to the people who live long its banks as the "mother of all rivers," the Mekong provides food, water and work for some 60 million people who live along its shores.

It flows from the mountains of Tibet through Burma, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia before opening into the Mekong Delta and ultimately the South China Sea off Vietnam.

It's also home to over 1,000 species of fish, including the world's 10 largest fresh water fish, making it second only to the Amazon in terms of biodiversity, according to Avia Imhoff of the International River Network. Read full article at Deutsche Welle.

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