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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Brutal daylight murder in the middle of Phnom Penh

The mother of the victim holding her grandchild while talking to the cops (Photo: DAP-news)

Mother of 3-month-old baby killed inside hospital complex in Phnom Penh

Monday, 03 October 2011
Rea article in Khmer at: DAP-NEWS

CAMBODIA, PHNOM PENH, Oct 03, 2011 - A Cambodian mother of a three-month baby was killed on Monday morning inside the hospital complex at Chamkar Dong commune, Dangkao district in Phnom Penh while she was taking in her baby for vaccination.
The young woman delivered her baby about three months earlier. The victim’s mother said: “My daughter’s husband is a Cambodian-New Zealander.” She was shot three times and died instantly, the police, the witnesses and her mother said. At 10AM on the day of the incident, the victim took her baby in for vaccination and the gunman followed her.

Bon Sam Ath, the police chief of Dangkao district said: “As a first step, we concluded that it involves a “love triangle affair” because the victim’s mother told us that her daughter was married to a 55-year-old Cambodian-New Zealander for over two years now and, recently, her husband’s first wife learned of the affair.”

The husband’s first wife is a suspect in the killing. It could be that the first wife hired a gunman to shoot her daughter, the victims’ mother concluded. “No property was taken. The gunman drove away with empty hand and he drove a C- 125 Dream motorbike,” the victim’s mother added.

A doctor at the hospital said that before shooting, the gunman came over to the hospital and sat down quietly waiting for the victim to open her car’s door and started her car to return back home. The gunman then shot her three times but the third bullet was fatal as it hit her in the head. She died immediately on the spot.

This is the second shooting in Dangkao district. The first shooting involved a money robbery case which was taped by a neighboring security camera. In that case, the mastermind of the crime is in jail right now, and the murderer is a former police officer from Daun Penh district, Phnom Penh city, Kingdom of Wonder

PS: DAP News has just reported that the brother of the Cambodian-New Zealander has been summoned to police station for interrogation on suspicion of carrying out the killing of the 23-year-old woman. Read a report by Phnom Penh Post: Young mother executed.


Anonymous said...

The young woman brought her young baby in her arms, but the killer did not hesitate to kill the mother in front of her baby. Now that the baby was orphaned. What will be his future? It's really terrible and very sad.

And why no one dared to intervene to help the mother of the victim crying for help to escape the killer? Why all these cowardly acts in Cambodia?
I can not understand that the killer may still kill the mother in front of her baby for a story of jealousy.

Khmer men who are married and not divorced yet should think before putting the lives and fates of others in danger just to satisfy their need for sex.To do this, there are prostitutes gentlemen.

The killer must be found quickly and put in prison for life.

To avoid such actions, this business killer, Government must establish the death penalty in Cambodia.

May your soul rest in peace lady.

Anonymous said...

The killer must be found and executed. I can never fathom how some Khmers are ready to commit this merciless killing just to earn some bucks.

Anonymous said...

No all of the fact is reveal yet, 1029! How do you know it is Khmer that committed this homicide?


Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant to say Not all of the....


Anonymous said...

I don't support the death penalty because the Khmer courts and judges are corrupt, so they might sentence the wrong person to death. What puzzles me is that some Khmers who live in a civilized country, such as New Zealand, did not hesitate to contract someone to kill her husband's mistress. I have no evidence to implicate the woman in New Zealand but because the dead woman has no enemy, then it must be the woman in NZ who contracted the killing. The Cambodian police should request the NZ police to investigate/interrogate the woman in NZ. They should forward all the evidences they have gathered to the NZ police to conduct their investigation in NZ. The police there are very professional so they will find out the truth. Really sad.

Anonymous said...

Please be careful when calling for just punishment for people who commit these heinous crimes.

Authorities and power figures in Cambodia are no strangers to the use of violence, including killing anyone who stands in their ways, to advance their causes. Sometimes, it may be necessary to call for a tyrant to be assassinated (if that is the only option available!)so that the rest of the populace could live in peace and freedom. However, for crimes of this nature against a background of non-transparent judicial system and corrupt law enforcement, more often than not some innocents are framed to meet public clamour for justice whilst the real culprits remain free at large.

In any case, it's the person who did the hiring or sponsored the killing who must in the first instance answer for their deed or intention. The killers or assassins are only accomplices and instruments in the crime itself, but this fact does not at all extenuate the crime that they help to accomplish, and they must be made aware of the right and proper consequences of their complicity.

I write this with many cases and dubious charges in mind such as the two suspects in the Chea Vichea murder case, and many more of politically or non-politically motivated nature where the accused are still in detention and where the "evidence" put forward against them has not been beyond reasonable doubt. So in this particular case alone where politics play a central part in the killing, had capital measures been in place and used to that effect, the two murder suspects would have been killed for a crime they had in all probability not committed in the first place.