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Monday, 24 October 2011

Anniversary of accords draws mixed reaction

Monday, 24 October 2011
Meas Sokchea and Bridget Di Certo
PhnomPenh Post

Though the violence has dissipated, political space in Cambodia remains highly combative and precarious 20 years after the Paris Peace Agreements were struck in 1991.

Speaking yesterday to mark the anniversary of the accords, Sam Rainsy (pictured), the self-exiled leader of his eponymous opposition party who faces more than a decade in jail terms for offences related to border disputes and defamation, said the now dominant Cambodia People’s Party had killed the spirit of the agreements.

Via video link from Paris, Sam Rainsy urged his supporters to uproot the more than 300 demarcation posts along the Cambodian-Vietnamese border, claiming they contravened the territorial sovereignty guaranteed by the accords.

The UN’s Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Cambodia, Surya Subedi said the accords “started the process of bringing peace to Cambodia after two decades of conflict”.

The accords ushered in the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia and the still contentious 1993 UN-monitored elections.

Senior CPP lawmaker Cheam Yeap said the “anniversary is the day that the CPP made a sacrifice for the nation and united all Cambodians who had been split into many groups into one Khmer [nation]”.


Anonymous said...

Do not confuse the media and irresponsible actions to speak for itself and take political advantage of these actions which are criminal acts punished by the law and true actions to defend the territorial integrity.

The lifting of the provisional border terminals made by sam rainsy that the newspapers talk about him and to take political advantage for him is an irresponsible and criminal action and shall be punishable by law.

The real responsible action to defend the territorial integrity of the country is the work done by the government with the assistance of experts recognized by all to clearly delineate the borders with neighboring countries.

The problem with Sam Rainsy is always he takes the other Khmer for fools.

Anonymous said...

6:32 AM, you tend to follow this corrupt and traitorous government blindly. When a government is a traitorous government, selling and giving land to neighboring countries, the opposition must alert citizens to its treason.

You must remember that the Hun Sen government was installed by Vietnam and therefore it does not dare or want to stand up to Vietnam. The so-called experts are no expert at all because they do everything according to what Hun Sen and the Viets want. You should be thankful to the Khmer Resistance fighters like the Son Sann faction, Funcinpec and other groups who liberated Cambodia from Vietnam. If they did not sacrifice their lives, you probably live in extreme poverty under Vietnam's occupation until today.

Anonymous said...

Cambodia need stronger opposition leader. Sam Raincy just make the situation bad and worse. He can't even manage his own party properly