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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Amplify to raise funds for Cambodia

by di-ve.com -
1st October 2011

On Friday October 7, local NGO Amplify is organising a movie night at St. James Cavalier in order to raise funds to support youth with disabilities in Cambodia.

This event is being organised in aid of Cambodian organisation YODIFEE (Youth with Disabilities for Education and Employment), with whom organisers Steve Hili and Kathryn Baldacchino volunteered in 2008.

Disability is a huge issue in Cambodia, the result of a number of factors, including landmines (a legacy of the Pol Pot regime), and poor health care.

Issues faced by people with disabilities in Cambodia are huge. For example many feel that if someone has a disability they are incapable of achieving anything. Therefore, efforts towards education and training are pointless. Beliefs also play a factor. Many believe in reincarnation. Hence people living with disabilities are shunned by others who feel that they 'must have done something very bad in a previous life’.

YODIFEE is working on numerous projects which are truly making a difference in one of the poorest countries in the world. One project is the training of young women with disabilities in vocational skills, and support so that they can then open their own businesses and become more self sufficient and less reliant on charity.

The movie that will be screened is ‘Soldiers of Peace’ - an inspirational film that has become massively popular for the way it documents the revolution towards peace that is happening globally. This film will change the way you view the world, highlighting the impact we each can make.

Prior to the screening a short presentation about YODIFEE will be held.

The event commences at 1830h, and the film will be screened at 1900h.Entrance is by donation and all proceeds will go to YODIFEE.

For more details call 99449161 or email amplifymalta@gmail.com

This event has been supported by St. James Cavalier.

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