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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

WikiLeaks: Hun Sen's TOP 10 TYCOONS

Read: Hun Sen's top 10 tycoons and his financiers. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011
Post Staff
Phnom Penh Post

Kith Meng - “Mr Rough Stuff”

Chairman and CEO of the Royal Group Kith Meng was described in the cable as a “relatively young and ruthless gangster”.

He could not be reached for comment.

Ly Yong Phat - “The King of Koh Kong”
Ruling party senator Ly Yong Phat’s nickname derives from his prominence in his home province. According to the cable, Ly Yong Phat has business interests in tobacco, electricity, casinos and resorts.

Lim Chhiv Ho - “The Gatekeeper”
The director of Attwood Export Import Co Ltd - a liquor distributor - Lim Chhiv Ho is “one of Cambodia’s most well-connected women”, according to the cable.

Kok An – “Gambling King Pin”
The senator, who could not be reached, has branched into fishing, tobacco and casinos. The cable states he reportedly helped to pay US$50 million compensation to Thailand for damage to the Thai embassy during 2003 riots.

Mong Reththy - “Hun Sen’s Money Man”
Described in the cable as “likely the closest business tycoon and ally to Prime Minister Hun Sen”, he said yesterday that he conducts business only in a legal way.

Sok Kong -“Mr Sokimex”
Sok Kong ‘s company Sokimex is one of the largest petroleum suppliers in the Kingdom. In 1999, Sokimex acquired ticketing rights to Angkor Wat, a deal which the cable says became embroiled in controversy amid claims that Sokimex underreported revenue from ticket sales.

Sok Kong could not be reached.

Yeay Phu and Lao Meng Khin – “Power Couple”
Described in the cable as “one of the most politically and economically connected couples in the country”, Yeay Phu and CPP senator Lao Meng Khin are co-owners of local developer Pheapimex. Lao Meng Khin also now runs development firm Shukaku Inc and, according to the cable, the “dynamic duo” have a strong relationship with Hun Sen and his wife, Bun Rany.

Pung Kheav Se - “Banking pioneer”
He made a fortune in Canada before founding Canadia Bank: one of the country’s largest banks. He also maintains close ties to Hun Sen and Bun Rany.

Sy Kong Triv – “Pacific Giant”
Described in the cable as one of the CPP’s “main financiers”, Sy Kong Triv is chairman of KT Pacific Group, a manufacturing and distribution group, and also owns a number of local businesses.


Anonymous said...

The Law in cambodia has no affects on these rich people's family: son, daughter, nephew, cousin, their family threaten police-authority, they even spit on police's FACE!!

Anonymous said...

Usually the kids belonged to these family commited crimes, shooting freely, terrorize the publics...But they never punish! Always got away from their crimes...

Anonymous said...

Yes, the son of one of these tycoons have been arrested for beating and threatening to kill a toll booth attendant. He was later released after paying $4,000.

Anonymous said...

The problem in our country never get better or improved, because of these rich and powerful family abused the law and sitting above the law with their$$$$. They must punish these people real hard just like other.. (THE LAW!) If the LAW don't work...forget It?

Anonymous said...

$4000 fine for these family just like 200$Riel in Khmer money...Cotton Candy for little kid!

Anonymous said...

The best way to hurt them is to hit them real hard in their pocket. I dont mean couple thousands; I am talking millions dollars. I guaranteed you that they will learn. If not, their parents will kill them.