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Friday, 11 February 2011

A Thai Army's dog trapped by a Cambodian Army's trap

By Khmerization
Source: everyday.com.kh

A Cambodian soldier based at Veal Entry, 5 km east of Preah Vihear temple, said that a sniffer dog belonging to the Thai Army based nearby has been caught by a Cambodian Army trap after his handler and another sniffer dog crossed into Cambodian territory to spy on the Cambodian soldiers.

The soldier said that at 5 p.m last night, a Thai soldier crossed into Cambodian territory with his two sniffer dogs to spy on the Cambodian troops. They were just a few metres into Cambodian territory when one of the sniffer dogs was caught by a Cambodian Army trap set up by Cambodian soldiers based in the area.

When it was caught by the trap, the dog screamed out loud for help and his owner and his canine friend panicked and made a dash back to the Thai territory in phenomenal pace, without even looking back to say goodbye to their trapped and helpless canine friend.

According to Koh Santepheap, after hearing the loud scream of their canine friend, 5-6 Thai soldiers rushed to the scene, attempting to free the dog. The Cambodian soldiers stationed nearby loaded their guns and pointed them at Thai soldiers. The Thai soldiers pointed their guns back and the situations almost explode into a fire-fight. The situation was calmed down only when a Thai commander made contact with the Cambodian commander to ask permission to enter Cambodian territory to free the dog, but the Cambodian commander refused saying the area is littered with landmines. The Cambodian soldiers were also prohibited to enter the mine-riddled area, so the fate of the Thai dog is not known.

One wonders if the trap was set up to trap the Thai soldiers, the Thai dogs or rats and rodents for food? Hehehe....don't underestimate the Cambodian ancient weapons. Some time the most primitive weapons can achieve the most satisfactory results.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if the soldier was trapped instead of his dog. Lucky he didn't step on landmines or was not shot and killed by Cambodian troops.

Anonymous said...

Khmer soldier already caught two Siam's dog last week, i believed the two dogs were confused during fire broke out? The soldier guy was so happy and smile at the camera...yehyehyeh! Siam's dogs are good for KHLEM SRA THNAM!!

Anonymous said...

Damn! I feel sorry for Siamese's dogs, they came to the wrong place!...wrong side! RO TI! RO TI! meant grill! grill!