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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hun Sen threatens to arrest a political analyst who warned of a Tunisia-style revolution in Cambodia

Hun Sen (L) can't take the heat after being compared to Tunisia's Ben Ali by Dr. Lao Mong Hay

By Khmerization
Source: RFA

Prime Minister Hun Sen has angrily threatened to arrest a political analyst who compared Cambodia to Tunisia by warning that a Tunisia-style revolution could erupt in Cambodia if Cambodia's present leaders do not abide by the constitution and lead the country in accordance with the democratic process and the state of laws.

On 14th January, Tunisian president, Mr. Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, fled the country after a people power-inspired revolution erupted when they accused him of being too dictatorial, corrupt, restricting freedom of expression and causing unemployment during his 23-year rule.

Dr. Lao Mong Hay, an independent Cambodian-born political analyst who is currently residing in England, told RFA on 16th January that what happened in Tunisia could serve as a lesson for Cambodian current political leaders. "For national interests, they (current Cambodian leaders) should build up all institutions that have been inscribed in the constitution to operate as a democratic institution or law-abiding institutions. When they (the institutions) are strong, it is easy to change the regime which can enable everything to be changed peacefully", he said.

Four days later on 20th January, Prime Minister Hun Sen publicly berated Dr. Lao Mong Hay, strongly warning that he will be arrested if he dare to enter Cambodia: "In 2003, this contemptible gentleman had said once before that we should transfer all powers to the king first before holding any elections. I wish to send a message to you, you want to have a Tunisia-style unrest? I will close the door and beat (this) dog. I am warning you now. Now I have asked people to obtain all documents related to this contemptible gentleman. If he enters our country, we can arrest him. If you can gather the people (to cause a revolution), please come. What will happen if the prime minister will not lead (the troops) to defend the constitution and allowed other people to cause anarchy throughout the country?", he declared publicly.

Dr. Lao Mong Hay told RFA on Thursday that he regrets his analysis had caused Mr. Hun Sen to misunderstand him. He said he had no ill-intention toward the government. "I pretty much regret that I have made analysis based on clear basis, but it has caused the prime minister to get angry with me. I feel really sad because I have made the comments with a goodwill toward the government, for the people and for the future (of the country)", he said.

Mr. Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali had fled to Saudi Arabia after the people power had erupted on the streets. 33 members of his family had tried to escape, but were arrested by the new administration.


Anonymous said...

What King Sihanouk had said franch, they got one hero in every 100 years and he said, Khmer got one hero in 800 hundred years, Hun sen is a hero indeed.The king was right, Wasn't he?.
If you stile think your boss is the real khmer compatriot, thinks it again, to me he is just a chinese vendor who try to make aliving by the name of Khmer compatriot, looke at bunch of SRP are they capable to do anythings? they worth nothing wasn't it right? if he Sam rainsy was a real Khmer compatriot he should call on to UN or USA or European union or he arouse Khmer unity against pol pot during darknes time, it is not now for him to stand up for Khmer intrest, when we already having peace and progressing. Now you clearly see Sam rainsy family from father to son are cheated Khmer for their own wealthy rich,Now you know that don't you? Now we are in peace and being establish our country in every feild and in every sectors to catch up with our neighboring countries I think you sould use your wisdom to help and to contribute in rebuilding cambodia and stope your blind believe in serving individaul and thos selfishnes who looking to grab power by acttacking your own nation. If you continue to writ the article base on your own benificial or interest in your own group you will never show the truth to the truth of the real issue. Mike

Anonymous said...

Mike, what the f&*k is a matter with you? You think, you have so much hatred for Sam Rainsy, why?

Anonymous said...

To Mike at 11:48 PM, You said people who lived overseas are blinded by the white man's media. So you are one of them because you also live in overseas - America. I feel very sorry for you that you have escaped or migrated to live in the most wonderful country in the world, yet you still want your countrymen to live under the most corrupt government led by your idol- Hun Sen- also the most corrupt Cambodian leader in living memory. How you had migrated to America I don't know, but I know a lot of people who migrated to overseas in around 1997-1998 claimed that they were Funcinpec officials who were being pursued by Hun Sen. Later on I found out that they were actually Hun Sen's loyalists who wanted to migrated to overseas and used the 1997 coup as an excuse. Were you one of them?
Mike, Don't let your anger with Sam rainsy to take over your conscience. I know you are a very vindictive person by the sound of your continuous attacks on Sam Rainsy.

I suggest that you should forget about your personal problems with Sam Rainsy and instead focus on how to make Cambodia a better country with good and competent leaders. Hun Sen is not a Cambodian hero, he is a Cambodian dictator who allowed Khmer land to be chipped away by Vietnam and Thailand because he is afraid of Vietnam and because he did not deploy enough troops along to Khmer-Thai border as he needs troops to defend himself at his Toul Kraisaing palace. Cambodia needs to kick out a corrupt and incompetent leader like Hun Sen who abused his power and threatened to arrest anyone who has a different opinion from him. Cambodia will never progress if we have a leader like Hun Sen. We need a new leader with a vision for the future. Hun Sen has ruled Cambodia for 26 years, or even 31 years, yet Cambodia and Cambodians are very poor. Give someone a chance, not necessarily Sam Rainsy, but someone who might have a good idea on how to run the country and less corrupt. He needs to allow himself to be criticized and allow the elections to be free and fair. Stop threatening people, even people from his own party like Sar Kheng and Ke Kim Yan. Look at other countries like America, Japan, England. They changed their leaders every 3-4 years and they have made their countries very strong, peaceful and very, very rich because new leaders always have new ideas on how to run the country. Hun Sen should look at his own failures and resign to allow a better person to take charge.

Anonymous said...

Look at how dictatorial Hun Sen is. Dr. Lao Mong Hay just make a political analysis and give his opinion of what might happen in Cambodia if the leaders like Hun sen did not follow the constitution and get rid of corruption, unemployment and he threatened him with arrest? How ridiculous is this. Hun Sen has no regard for anyone's opinion. He just want everyone to say yes to him all the time.

To Mike at 11:48 PM, Hun sen is not Cambodia's hero, he is Cambodia's traitor. You can't compare Hun Sen to Jayavarman VII, you can only compare Hun Sen to Pol Pot. Or maybe even can't compare to Pol Po because Pol Pot tried to defend Khmer land, but Hun sen killed Khmers and also gave Khmer land to Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

Mike is a Vietnamese, let get the bastard.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, shut taaaF...up. Cambodian people lost their land every day because of this gorverments. do you see that? or are you just blind like Hun Sen? coruption is rampage around the country. Hun Sen sells all Cambodian resources to Viename and China and put that money into their own pockets do you see that? not a penney goes into regular people or to the poor. So next time before you open your F.... stinky mouth please think twice.