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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

SRP asked for U.S intervention to facilitate Sam Rainsy's return from exile

By Khmerization
Source: CEN

Officials from the opposition Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) has on Saturday, 17th July, met the U.S Under-Secretary of State William Burns at the U.S Embassy in Phnom Penh and requested for the U.S intervention to facilitate Mr. Sam Rainsy's return from exile so he could participate in the 2012 and 2013 elections, reports Cambodian Express News.

Mr. Yim Sovan (pictured), spokesman for the SRP, told reporters outside of the U.S Embassy that the SRP had informed Mr. William Burns about the political situations in Cambodia, about the deterioration of democracy, about the deterioration of human rights, the violations of political rights and the violations of MP's rights such as the cases with Mu Sochua and Sam Rainsy.

He added that the SRP had requested that the U.S help ensure the respect of human rights in Cambodia and facilitate the return of Mr. Sam Rainsy to participate in future elections.

Mr. William Burns said at a press conference after handing over 7 stolen artefacts to Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister at the National Museum on Sunday, 18th July, that he had attentively listened to the SRP's concerns about the restrictions of freedom of expression and human rights abuses in Cambodia. He added that, in general, the U.S supports the respect for freedom of expression as inscribed by the Cambodian constitution.

Mr. Tith Sothea, government spokesman for the Quick and Press Reaction Unit, said he is not concerned about the SRP's call for U.S intervention. He said all legal procedures taken against Mu Sochua and Sam Rainsy had been proceeded independently with evidences and in accordance with Cambodian sovereignty and the application of the Cambodian laws.

At the same time, Prime Minister Hun Sen strongly warned the SRP to stop discussing or commenting about his health after he had eaves-dropped one of their meetings speculating that he had been arrested or detained at his home.

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