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Monday, 19 July 2010

Hun Sen warns the opposition party to stop discussing about his health, while declaring that he will be a PM candidate till 2028

Mr. Hun Sen speaking at a graduation ceremony at Svay Rieng University this morning.

By Khmerization
Source: CEN

Prime Minister Hun Sen has this morning warned the opposition Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) to stop discussing or commenting about the state of his health after he claimed that he had eaves-dropped one of their meetings speculating that he had been arrested and exiled overseas, reports Cambodian Express News.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony at Svay Rieng University this morning, Prime Minister Hun Sen said he had eaves-dropped a meeting of the SRP's Steering Committee held on 6th of July where participants speculated that he had been infected with a new strain of swine flu A(H1N1), that he had an eye infection or that he had been arrested and sent into exile overseas. "In the meeting of the Steering Committee of the opposition party, they raised the issue about my health in which some said that I had been infected with A(H1N1) swine flu and was prohibited from going outside of my home for fear that I might infect other people. Some said that I had an eye infection which had been blind before. But what was shocking was that they said that I was arrested and sent into exile overseas or had been detained inside my house", he said.

He called the speculation as silly because there is no truth in it. "If Samdech Hun Sen was arrested or detained inside his house, it means that there is a coup d'etat in Cambodia. If it has gone to this stage, there will be fighting, a war will break out because it is a coup d'etat", he added by referring to himself in the first person address.

Mr. Hun Sen also dare anyone who want to arrest him. "Who has an evil heart to put a steel helmet and dare to arrest Hun Sen? I want to ask. Only me who dare to arrest someone, for someone to arrest me, no way! The Cambodian People's Party does not have such a habit", he said. "Please don't try with me", he added.

Mr. Hun Sen added that he will continue to be a candidate for PM until 2028. "I have decided to journey forward to 2023 or 2028 (as a PM candidate). I will not agree to cease (being the PM) and the party will not agree to let me stop being the PM", said Mr. Hun Sen.

He warned the SRP to be careful of what they discuss in the meetings because he had planted his spies everywhere in every level of the party. He said he knows about meetings to reshuffle party leadership in Svay Rieng, Kampot, Kandal and Pursat provinces. He also knew the results of the SRP meeting in Manila in the Philippines where the meeting had decided to allow MPs to serve only half term and then replaced them by new candidates mid term.

When contacted by Deum Ampil, Mr. Chea Poch, an SRP MP from Prey Veng, denied that the SRP had ever discussed about Mr. Hun Sen's health in any meetings. When told that Mr. Hun Sen had claimed that he even knew that the meeting on the 6th of July had lasted for only 20 minutes and 58 seconds, Chea Poch responded by saying that he dare not make any comment about this claim because he doesn't know anything about it.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong, Mr. Hun Sen? In a democratic country, people have every right to talk about anything, especially about public figures like the PM. PM's health should be a concern to the country. There is nothing wrong with discussion about it. If the discussion is not true, what you, Mr.Mr. Hun Sen, need to do is to deny the rumors and prove with medical evidence. About rumors of your arrest, if they did discuss about it, then they are wrong because you, Mr. Hun Sen, is still alive and living in Cambodia. You as a PM have hidden from public view for nearly a month, so people, including opposition parties, have the right to be concerned. The country needs a leader to run the government, so if you are sick and incapable of running the country then someone must be appointed in your place temporarily until you have recovered.

Anonymous said...

SRP must be full of dumb people from the top down. In the middle east you have people who are willing to die for their beliefs. And they don`t have any real education like those in Cambodia but yet they are able to maintain secrecy and make bombs. It just wow me so much that I must shake my head.

Anonymous said...

Only a dictator like Hun Sen warns people not to be concerned about his health. In the West, people will come out and talk about their leader's health because he is the leader of the country. A country needs a leader and if he is sick, someone else must take charge to continue running the country. About Hun Sen be PM till 2028? I think he will be deposed or died before then.

Anonymous said...

Ah Sen is a sick man. Do not listen to him . It's only stupid people who walk behind him and listen to him. I know him well. If you fail to realize that we will have no land to survive.

Anonymous said...

It's almost time for ah Hun Cent to go party with ah Hok Lundy now, that why ah hun cent became irrate.