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Monday, 7 June 2010

The most obscene arguments between Gen. Muong Khim and his singer wife Meng Keo Pich Chenda

Meng Pich Chenda and husband Gen. Muong Khim during the good time.

Dear Readers,

An anonymous reader sent us the following audio clip about alleged personal arguments between singer Meng Keo Pich Chenda and her now ex-husband, CPP general Muong Khim.

The reader who sent this clip noted: “I found that, by listening to this clip, some information tell us about the bad thing done by Muong Khim”

The argument here was over a divorce settlements which Pich Chenda believed she was short-changed because Muong Khim had bribed a judge. In the audio clip, Pich Chenda accused Muong Khim of committing corruption to get rich and predicted he will go to jail one day for his corrupt acts.

We are personally quite disturbed by the raw language used in the audio recording, therefore, discretion is strongly advised during listening to this audio clip.

Click here to listen to the verbal exchange

Thank you,

KI-Media team

PS: Thank you to Reader C.O.!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Very obscene indeed. The language they used was so vulgar that it is worse than imaginable. And they are supposed to be high placed in the society.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Who made the recording? It's amazing how people can be so ugly with one another. Used & Abused.

Anonymous said...

I think he is a Faggot for recording this clip. A real man would not do this to his wife, let alone the mother of his child. I think he is low class scum that bought his way up like some other uneducated high authorities.

A real man with class and education would leave family affairs at home, not on the internet.
This guy is a donkey.
He must have provoked her to say all this by getting her mad. She is human like the rest of us.
And to say that you are not going to listen to her music anymore, has nothing at all to do with this. It just means that you don't know how to filter your thought process. her personal life is her damn business, her music is a totally different subject. Two totally different topics, think about it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation! She is a private hooker in Phnom Penh. This argument is not bad at all, and it makes me feel unsleepy while listening to this fighting.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for the lady, I too luv her music and her style, & u r rigte, she is human just like us.. Its unfortunate for her as a star to be caught in such shameful language, but look at it this Way,the man is a no good scandolous donkey, hes only with her for the fame n class..on the recording it sounds tO me likes hes in alot of hot water with the khmer government..but u know what though, the khmer government is just as corrupt as he is, they mght br in this together..!! I just pray for chenda to move On with her life, produce the great songs, n raise her kids in peace n happiness, she dont need that loser..!! Kick him to the curb.. Trash..!!

Anonymous said...

shut up you guys who critzise her!high in the society are not we don't care about the vulgarity when we are really angry! Imagine yourself you lost your husband or wife and your kids wont have a real family. In this story the trash (to be less vulgar) is this useless Muong khim, the one who destroyed each ex wife family, she was tricked and cheated, who's wrong now?

anonymous said...

High ranking and wealthy people are not necessarily ethical people. Most of the time they don't have education to behave like gentleman.
Sad to see that in our society.