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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Mrs Mu Sochua agrees to stay in jail if she loses lawsuit against Mr. Hun Sen

Reported by Khmerization

Mrs. Mu Sochua (pictured), who had sued Prime Minister Hun Sen for defamation, said that she is not scared of a counter-suit from Prime Minister Hun Sen, reports Deum Ampil.

Early last week, Mr. Mu Sochua had lodged a lawsuit against Mr. Hun Sen in the Phnom Penh Court for defamation related to his speech against her in Kampot a few weeks previously. On Friday (24th April), Mr. Hun Sen had lodged a counter-suit against Mrs. Mu Sochua and had implied that the 90 members of parliament from the Cambodian People's Party had agreed to support the lifting of Mrs. Mu Sochua's parliamentary immunity.

Regarding Mr. Hun Sen's counter-suit, Mrs Mu Sochua said: "I have received the information that the government's lawyers had lodged a counter-suit against me and they planned to lift my parliamentary immunity. But I am not afraid and I am not scared. I will not flee from Cambodia and I will not use my American citizenship. I'd rather stay in jail. I want the people to see (the injustices of) my case."

On 4th of April 2009, Prime Minister Hun Sen made a public speech in Kampot, where Mrs Mu Sochua was the only female representing the province, by referring to "a woman member of parliament from Kampot who is a 'strongwoman' and a trouble-maker."

Mrs. Mu Sochua considers the speech to be offensive, insulting and defamatory against her because she is the only female MP from Kampot.

Mr.Hun Sen was referring to Mr. Mu Sochua's altercation with an army general who was a member of Mr. Hun Sen's party during an election campaign in 2008. During the altercation, Mr. Mu Sochua had lost a button from her blouse. Mr. Mu Sochua said that during the altercation, the general had twisted her hand which caused the button of her blouse to losen showing her bra. She sued the general for misdemeanor, but the case hasn't been resolved yet.


Anonymous said...

She is great but she didn't get phd from viet nam .Hun sen might put her in jail because i seen it happen. he don't want to pay 500 riel from trillion dollars of him. he dek jo want to win every thing even he was wrong. who again hem will be jails or kills that the way hun sen is. she put her life to help poor cambodian at last they trash her like a dirt and all cpp happy to do that to her even the hit men in ctn.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please fight for our right.
I agree with her word " I want the people to see (the injustices of) my case."

Yes, you are on right way Mrs. Mu sochu. Please go ahead. I support you 100 %. It is right time.

Anonymous said...

Mu Sochua holds a Masters degree social science from America. She is a brave woman indeed but I fear for her safety. She will lose for sure because the Cambodian court has to make decision based on what Hun Sen wants, not based on laws. This is Cambodia under a dictator.

Anonymous said...

don't fight with those blind dog. they bite anyone in their way. Forget about it, that is life in cambodia. People who live have to stand up and fight together.

Anonymous said...

...mad dog we should say because mad dog will bite anyone who stands in its way, and Hun Sen fits the description perfectly well.