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Monday, 16 February 2009

Brigadier-General Hun Manet

Brig-Gen. Hun Manet, shown here on national TV distributing gifts on his father's behalf.

16 February 2009

King Sihamoni signed a royal decree dated 26 Jan promoting Hun Manet, Hun Sen’s oldest son, to a one-golden star general in the anti-terrorism department of the ministry of Defense, The Cambodia Daily reported in today’s edition.

“We promoted Hun Manet to one-star general based on the chain of command. It was not because he is a relative of Hun Sen but because his duty and position is very important,” Teap Mean, deputy chief of personnel at the ministry of Defense, was quoted as saying by The Cambodia Daily. In fact, Teap Mean claimed that Hun Manet’s promotion was “too slow” since he was a West Point graduates. When reached over the phone, Tea Banh, the minister of Defense, declined to comment on the fast rising son of a Hun (no pun intended!). At this rate, Hun Manet will even beat his own father's rise to power record. As the saying goes: Hello stars, the sky's the limit!

Khmerization's comments: Lee Hsien Loong, the son of Singaporean prime minister, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, was appointed a brigadier-general in the Singaporean army. His title has been abbreviated as Brig-Gen., but to make it easier people just call him B-G and because of the initial B-G, the media sarcastically has dubbed him "Baby God". Afterward, Brigadier-Geneneral or B-G Lee Hsien Loong becomes Baby God Lee Hsien Loong. Now we have Brigadier-General Hun Manet. I think the media or the Khmer people should dub him Baby God Hun Manet because he will be as powerful as his father and only second in command to his father. So, Hun Sen is the Godfather, while Hun Manet is a Baby God (Brigadier-General).


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អំណាច ដូចទឹកមូយថ្លុក បើមិនហូរ រលួយស្អុយទាល់រីង។

there can be no democracy when one family rule with friends and relative and then inter-married to create the ruling dynasty!

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Baby Dog is more befitting!

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Yes, there will be no democracy and progress when one family dynasty rules the country with an iron fist. Hun Sen want to be an emperor. Now there is unconfirmed news that he has ordered the arrests of Gen. Ke Kimyan and Gen. Chhin Chanpor.